Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 36

Majid and his mother 24 contacts Majid and his mother came to Australia seeking asylum. After a period of time in detention they were granted permanent residency and moved in with a family member. However, this accommodation was only a temporary option as the house was overcrowded. When Majid presented to WCC he was keen to secure a rental property and while they both relied on Newstart allowance, after developing a budget they were able to establish that they could afford a rental property at $280 a week. They faced some barriers in being accepted for a property and they had made a few applications that were rejected. They had no rental history, relied on Centrelink as their source of income and were not proficient in English. After an assessment was conducted it was determined that Majid and his mother were suitable for the HBSP and with some casework support they would be able to sustain a tenancy. Tenant’s rights and responsibilities were explained to Majid and his mother and also some do’s and don’ts when lodging applications for rental properties. This information proved to be useful as shortly after they secured a rental property. Rent for two months in advance was provided and the arrangement was made for Majid and his mother to pay the loan back in fortnightly installments. The caseworker provided regular support along with his youth worker at WCC which enabled Majid and his mother to be linked into other support and resources. As they were newly arrived they had no washing machine, fridge or sofa. Through the caseworker’s links with other agencies Majid was able to receive a donation of a fridge and a sofa so he didn’t have to obtain a loan for these items or spend a large amount of their income on this. During the beginning of the tenancy there were some problems with the property and the caseworker assisted Majid in advocating to the real estate agent for the repairs. Majid has now paid off the loan and also has secured full-time employment which he is enjoying. Mary 7 contacts Mary was referred from a WCC emergency relief assessor as she was distressed during her interview about her housing situation. She was experiencing FV from her brother and seeking alternative accommodation. She was suffering with depression due to the stress. While her options around an intervention order and refuge were discussed, Mary had experienced this in the past and did not want to go down that path again and she preferred to seek alternative private rental accommodation. Information about the HBSP was given and an assessment made. Mary was confident in applying for properties on her own and would return to the agency when she secured a property. Not long after the client was accepted into a property and needing help with a bond and rent in advance. Information and support on applying for a bond loan and NEH for 2 weeks rent in advance. Mary was successful and granted the bond and two weeks rent however was still short two weeks rent in advance. WCC was able to assist with the loan. She required minimal casework support and was committed to paying off the loan as soon as possible. Mary stated that she felt self-reliant knowing that it was a loan and once she paid it that we could help someone else. Mary has since paid off her loan and is residing in the same property. 29