Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 35

The repayment of $20 per fortnight I was able to manage on income support [Client interview]. to make some sacrifices to exist on a reduced income, all reported that they were able to continue to meet their basic needs. Some clients reported choosing to pay off larger amounts of their loans to repay it quickly while others preferred smaller repayments stretched over a year or longer. Allowing clients to have flexibility with their repayment schedule and to pay the loan off over an extended period was critical in ensuring that payments were manageable. The capacity of the program to tailor the intensity of support according to presenting needs has been critical in helping clients to overcome the main reasons for seeking assistance. The case studies of Majid and his mother and Mary below provide an example of more intensive and shorter-term intervention that were matched to client’s needs. The foot into the private rental door provided the stability for Majid to obtain paid work. For Mary, it meant that she was able to find her own accommodation that was safe and maintain her own independence in this process. Both clients had no difficulties repaying the loan and are doing well in their current rental properties. I borrowed $1300 to help me with the rent in advance. I am paying back $50 a fortnight and I can manage that [Client interview]. I did not have any difficulty repaying the loan, particularly as they were flexible in how it was paid back. If I could only pay a small amount because of other expenses that was ok [Client interview]. 28