Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 34

Table 4. Satisfaction scores for meeting housing needs and difficulties repaying loan Median score The amount of brokerage (loan amount) has been enough to meet my housing needs I have no difficulties in meeting the repayments of the loan Having a loan to repay makes it difficult for me to pay for other things that I need 10 10 0 Having the full month rent has made the biggest difference because I was able to get in the door [Client interview]. All reported that the amount of brokerage they received was enough to help them to gain access to their private rental property and the fact that is was negotiated quickly meant there were no delays when their application for a property was approved. Clients viewed the brokerage role of the program as a ‘kick start’ or a ‘door into’ the private rental sector that would have otherwise been closed to them in the absence of other supports to turn to. For the majority of clients, the amount and intensity of the practical and emotional support provided by the brokerage program and broader range of services offered at WCC was considered sufficient to meet all their needs. This suggests that for many clients financial assistance and shortterm case management is adequate to stabilise their housing. The question remains as to how far the program should extend support to address other needs such as employment and where other support services can step in. Some clients whose needs were more intensive, including those with ongoing counselling and clinical conditions, continued to receive support through existing providers and engaged WCC for practical support around housing access. No one has helped me in the way that this program has. The program helped to set up our family in Australia. We did not have any rental history and this is very important to have for our future housing. The program needs to be expanded so that more people can benefit from it [Client interview]. The program has given me and my family a good start in this country. I would not be where I am without their help and support [Client interview]. The WCC services meet all my needs. Whenever there was a need they have always responded [Client interview]. The program gave me the kick start – to be able to live in Australia with a level of knowledge of how the housing market works so that I could start leading a life [Client interview]. I get most of my mental health needs met by my case worker at [another service] who I see for an ongoing mental health issue. WCC supported me in the initial stages with references and advocacy with the real estate agent and that is what I needed at the time [Client interview]. I borrowed around 600. I agreed to pay back $50 a week because I wanted to pay the loan off quickly. I knew that it would be missing from my income every fortnight so I budgeted around it. I paid it in 6 fortnights. There is no other funding like this available where you don’t have to pay interest – it was a life line at the time and it got us in the door of our property [Client interview]. A critical aspect to consider in the delivery of service models based on the provision of a loan is whether individuals and households are able to meet the repayments without being exposed to additional hardship. There were no reported difficulties in meeting the loan repayments among those interviewed. Whilst clients reported having 27