Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 33

6 Client and stakeholder perspectives on service impact investment. This contains the success of the model and the ongoing appeal for its expansion. While the longer-term effectiveness of sustaining tenancies from the model still needs to be monitored, being able to house clients relatively quickly given the restricted options available within the social housing sector is a promising outcome. The program has been effective in:     Overcoming the reasons for seeking support and assisting clients ‘into the door’ of a private rental property. Stabilising housing, particularly when higher needs clients have continued to be linked into other sources of ongoing support. Scheduling repayments so that borrowers can manage the loan repayments. Helping clients to rebuild new lives and cope better with financial and day to day stresses. It is a small program and it is good that it started out that way to trial whether it would work and be able to modify the practices without significant risks or large investment of funds. It has used a relatively small amount of funds but does have a longer term ripple effect to the individuals, families and communities in preventing homelessness and can continue on after the initial grant. The numbers do need to grow to be able to help more people. The program should continue to keep going as it is filling an important need – helping people raise the bond and get in the door [External stakeholder]. The program has been less effective in:  Being able to overcome the longer-term structural and systemic difficulties of affordability of private rental for those remaining on income support payments. The core aim of the program is to assist clients into the private rental market who would otherwise be excluded from access because of financial and other reasons and therefore would be at high risk of experiencing homelessness. Staff, stakeholders and clients interviewed were asked to comment on the aspects of the program they felt were most effective and least effective in meeting this core aim. The general perception amongst those consulted was that brokerage loans for private rental access do increase the desirability of the tenant to a prospective agent and landlord. 6.1 Overcoming the reasons for seeking assistance In assessing whether the program was effective in overcoming the reasons for seeking assistance clients were asked to respond to a series of statements and then provide open ended responses to elaborate on the reasons for their rating. Three statements relating to the adequacy of the loan and whether they had any difficulties meeting their repayment schedule appear in table 4. Each indicator was measured on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 equals strongly disagree and 10 equals strongly agree. The table shows the median satisfaction scores for each statement. As shown, the respons