Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 29

I received what I needed at the time. The fact that they fixed my problem which was to raise enough money for the rent in advance [Client interview]. which ones are less likely to discriminate – the ones that are best to go to and the ones that will accept DSP – those who will give people a chance of success in their applications [Client interview]. They responded very quickly to my situation – I didn’t have to wait long for the finance it was sorted very quickly [Client interview]. The service provided a quick response but they can’t always provide quick housing. I am currently on a waiting list for an Office of Housing property and they said that I will need to wait a year. They helped with my application [Client interview]. The staff manner was reported to be very professional and respectful. Clients felt they were treated with respect and not judged for their situation. Generally, clients felt that the staff were knowledgeable about the services in the local area. However, staff who had been employed at the services for longer periods of time were generally considered to be more knowledgeable of what is available. There was a view that staff assumed that the clients already knew how to negotiate their way around and undertake day to day activities within the community and this was not always the case, particularly for recent arrivals to Australia. They are as quick as they can be but they are limited by what is available in the market [Client interview]. 5.4 The support staff are so understanding and you do not feel judged they treat you with respect and they are polite and they never look down on you – they try to make you smile – delightful [Client interview]. Lessons learned for private rental support programs The key findings on the lessons learned as the pilot project has been implemented include:  Clients felt staff had very good knowledge of the housing issues faced in the area and had developed positive relationships with real estate agents in order to help them. There was a view that staff could be more active in locating affordable private rental properties in the area. Clients were also mindful of the constraints of the program in being able to help them to secure suitable properties. While staff were able to provide finance quickly some clients reported experiencing significant delays in being able to locate suitable housing and also have their application for the property approved, experiencing several rejections before they were given a place to rent.    Because it is private rental they don’t fully know what is available but they have a good knowledge of the problems faced [Client interview]. 5.4.1 Building relationships with real estate agents is critical to access private rental properties. Effective relationships between agencies and real estate agents require ongoing commitment on both sides. Housing brokerage can foster a sense of self-sufficiency and giving back to help others. Not everyone is suitable for a brokerage loan and the way it is administered needs to be managed carefully with clear policy and procedures in place. Effective partnerships with real estate agents require two-way commitment A key focus of the WCC program has been to establish working relationships with real estate agents through representatives on the program Advisory Group, developing a select group of [Support worker] knows how hard it is to find rental housing in the area – she knows a few real estate agents and 22