Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 27

The two case studies for Michael and Rashmi below illustrate the varied pathways in being assisted within the program and the flexibility of the model in helping them to find alternative rental accommodation as part of a planned process of transition from their existing housing into a new property. Michael was not initially eligible for brokerage support given his low Newstart income but identified a solution by finding house mates to share the rent with and upon returning to the program was able to be provided with assistance for the Bond loan. Rashmi accessed the program to help her move out of an existing property where her rent was very high and whilst she was not initially eligible for a loan the assessment helped her to prioritise her existing debts and prepare a budget. When she had resolved her current debts Rashmi was able to be provided with a loan and assisted into a new property that was more affordable. Michael 7 contacts Michael was referred by a previous housing client. Michael was living with his brother-in-law at the time and wanted to find his own place. Michael’s income is from a Newstart allowance and he found it difficult to afford a property on his own and sharing with others would be his only option. WCC provided assistance in helping Michael to look for properties and provided him with details of inspections coming up. Michael was able to find three of his friends who wanted to share a rental property, which meant his rent would be reduced and he could manage a small loan. Once Michael located a property WCC assisted him with the application form as well as a bond loan application. Only two of the friends wanted to apply for the bond loan, resulting in their application for a bond only successful for part of the amount and short $463.30. WCC were able to assist with this amount. Along with the housing caseworker Michael was referred to the settlement team for support as well as the immigration worker for applying for sponsorship for his family back home. Michael has since paid off the loan Rashmi 6 contacts Rashmi presented to WCC as she was seeking a cheaper rental property as she was currently paying $1738 a month. Rashmi is also dealing with depression and receiving support from a GP who was organising a referral to a psychologist. Rashmi is currently paying $500 per fortnight towards debt-cash convertors loan which she took out to pay Christmas expenses. Rashmi was not in a rush to move out however felt the landlord would sell the house soon and then she will need to leave. Rashmi wanted a smaller more affordable property. She was keen to pay her debt off before seeking alternate rental accommodation. Two months later Rashmi was in a better financial and emotional position and ready to seek another rental property. Rashmi was able to secure a property and was provided with the loan for rent in advance 20