Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 26

Clients spoke positively about the amount and the quality of support they received relative to their needs. They discussed the various ways that they had been supported ranging from direct practical assistance in being taken through the steps of applying for their rental property through to more complex interventions including legal, crisis and emotional support. Assisting with the search for properties and liaison with real estate agents was considered particularly helpful, especially for those clients who are new arrivals to Australia. Both staff and clients confirmed that the support was timely and flexible, which was critical in ensuring that they did not miss out on the property when it became available. for clients to reconnect with the service at any time they needed was considered highly beneficial and they valued the promptness of responses from the case manager when they did need to reengage. They continue to link in and see how I’m going and whenever I need the service I can come in….. . WCC recently helped me to move by organising a truck [Client interview]. I still access the support for different things and there have been many occasions where they have helped. I started with the housing program last December. I still have contact with the service from time to time [Client interview]. Th