Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 17

referral, each client presenting is assessed for their housing needs. Clients are then assigned to housing information and referral support or brokerage and case management support. Those most in need of financial brokerage support are then further assessed for their capacity to rent privately and whether they would be able to meet the repayments of a loan. The assessment process establishes whether the client has existing debts, what other options might be available to them and how much rent they will be paying for their property. Assessment also takes into account their capacity to sustain long-term rental and their previous rental history. Eligibility for a brokerage loan is determined on the criteria that the client’s:       10 Income is high enough to sustain rental payments and can be one or a combination of wages or Centrelink income. Is able to sustain private rental once the loan from WCC is paid back and support has been withdrawn. Is able to sustain private rental with minimal supports. Wishes to establish or maintain private rental as a long-term housing option. Is currently residing in, or at risk of residing in rooming house accommodation. Is residing in or have significant links to the Whittlesea municipality.