Renewable Energy Installer May, 2016 - Page 25

In association with SOLAR What: Cheese firm looks to AD to match energy demands How: Clearfleau uses dairy waste to feed AD and CHP plant Result: First on-site AD plant in Europe to feed biomethane to the gas grid SOLAR PV What: Holiday park selects biomass CHP solution How: WES’s 20kWe Cogetherm CHP unit Result: Reduced energy costs and money-back from the RHI and ROCs Green Energy from Cumbrian Cheese Award-winning British company Clearfleau, leading British provider of on-site treatment solutions for the food and beverage sector, is commissioning its most complex plant to date, which will feed biomethane into the gas grid in rural Cumbria. In so doing, the facility will produce over £3m per annum in cost savings and revenue, while supplying up to 25 percent of the creamery’s energy requirements. The plant has been designed and built for Lake District Biogas, which will operate the site for twenty years taking feedstock from First Milk’s Aspatria creamery site. This comprises low-strength wash waters such as process rinses, supplemented by whey permeate (cheese production residue after protein extraction for use in energy supplements). This is pumped to the AD plant from the creamery. This is the first on-site AD plant in the dairy industry in Europe to feed biomethane to the gas grid, generated exclusively by digesting its cheesemaking residues. When the plant is operating at full capacity later this spring, it will treat 1,650m3 per day of process effluent and whey and generate around 5MW of thermal energy. It will produce 1000m3 of biogas per hour, of which over 80 percent will be upgraded for injection into the national grid. At least 60 percent of the biomethane will be used in the creamery for steam generation, with the balance being used by local businesses and households. Revenue benefits include 20-year indexlinked, Government-backed incentive payments, with about £2m per annum through the RHI scheme and a further £1m through the sale of gas to the wholesale market and from the Feed-in Tariff for the power generated in the CHP engine. The new plant will replace the outdated aerobic plant, saving First Milk from having to upgrade the old inefficient plant, reducing effluent treatment costs and cutting operational costs, which are borne by Lake District Biogas. Biomass CHP installed in Cheshire Milton Brook Farm and Holiday Lodges is set in the idyllic Cheshire countryside and caters for visitors wishing to explore historic Chester and into Wales. Recently renewable energy installers and business owners have been visiting Milton Brook to see its CogeCabin, a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system powered by biomass. The owner Mar \ܝ[[Y MZ•TKPTP[X\[\[ MB[[HX\]Y[HX\YوT&\]\H\[HH[\Y]H[Hš[[H[] H]H\YH\[\X[[]][\HX]Y[[Z[[[Y\œH\[\][Y^H\[B]]H[[ˈHPX[X\\˜H H]\KݚY\[XX]H܈[H\x&\YY[HH[\\[[[[H^\[XX]H\HܚY [YY۝\\]Hۙ\[X\H[HH\[KXZ[]HX[[\[\\وYX[[\H˜[\[ۙHوH[\]H[]XB[\H\[\[Hܛ ]\H\]Z[XH\H[[ۙH[]܈[H\YY[HPX[HYX[^H[KX\[]\Yۈ]KB]\H X\\ܙ[X[[XJBݚY\][[[YH܈[ۙ^K›XZ[[[H[[\X]H\\Y\[X\\[\ˈHX[YX\\[[ݚYH[[HXY\[\\وX\K’\H\\H[YH] ٝ[Y][ۜ˂˜[]XY[\Z[[\˝Z B