Rendezvous by/par Chartwell Winter 2018/2019 - Page 6

EMPLOYEE PROFILE LUCE BESSETTE, LIFESTYLE AND PROGRAM MANAGER CHARTWELL SEIGNEURIES DU CARREFOUR, SHERBROOKE, QC Luce recently received a 2018 RQRA Ambassadors Award in the Outstanding Commitment category for all of her accom- plishments with Chartwell. Congratulations Luce for this well-deserved honour! As Lifestyle and Program Manager at Chartwell Seigneuries du Carrefour, Luce is well-loved by her residents and fellow colleagues. However, prior to joining Chartwell, she worked in a variety of different industries, including a twenty-year career as an RCMP officer, a house painter, a travel agent, a hotel receptionist and a tourism manager. Her clear passion for people eventually led her to study gerontology before joining the Chartwell team. Since she began in her current role, she has developed and executed many meaningful projects, including a sign language course for a hearing impaired resident, partic- ipated in the Sherbrooke Grande March, as well as supporting a recent project with Villa Marie-Claire, which provides services and accommodation for young women during their pregnancy. Luce knows how to turn a simple activity into an extraordinary adventure and she strives to create experiences for residents that stimulate the mind and senses through outstanding initiatives, making sure that they are proud of their contributions. Luce always spreads positivity around the home, building a strong sense of community and belonging while encouraging participation in the activities that the resi- dence has to offer. She helps residents discover their potential and shows them that they can have fun along the way. She is a force of positive energy whose smile, spontaneity and enthusiasm are truly contagious. Luce constantly listens to residents and helps them discover new activities that meet their specific needs. For her, anything is possible if you set your mind to it! Luce remains on the lookout for new projects or activities and often encourages residents to step outside of their comfort zone. Her greatest reward is to see the light in a residents’ eye and to hear them talk about their personal accomplishments. Thanks to her efforts, Chartwell Seigneuries du Carrefour feels more alive than ever, something even fami- lies and visitors have noticed when they walk through the doors. 3