Rendezvous by/par Chartwell Winter 2018/2019 - Page 19

2 7 dents and stirred up a lot of nostalgia. When Ken saw the goats it brought tears to his eyes, as he grew up milk- ing goats and it brought back cherished memories of his childhood. 6 1. There are some truly earth-conscious individuals living at Chartwell Manoir Saint-Jérôme in Saint-Jérôme, QC! The residence boasts a dedicated group of volunteers who try to keep their local community clean by picking up trash and recycling some of their findings. Many thanks for contribut- ing to a healthy living space for us all! 2. Chartwell Conservatory Pond in Kingston, ON, is committed to helping save the bees! They recently held an event to educate residents about the declining bee population and how to support the protection of our envi- ronment - all while snacking on some delicious honey. 3. The recreation team loves to create fun and spontaneous activities for Chartwell Aurora LTC residents to enjoy - which is why they recently crafted their very own Ice Cream Drive Thru! Staff at the Aurora, ON residence dressed up like workers from a 1950s ice cream parlor and served frozen treats through the activity room window, which had its very own microphone speaker for authenticity's sake. 4. To celebrate Chartwell Trilogy LTC's 15th anniversary, the residence in Scarborough, ON, hosted a fabu- lous roaring 20’s themed party for residents, families and staff! Party guests indulged in refreshing drinks, a delectable menu of homemade cuisine, and electric entertainment. Between sampling the delicious food and enjoying the swinging jazz band trio, guests were able to catch up, mingle and reminisce about 15 years of memories at Chartwell Trilogy. 6. Chartwell Villa Saguenay in Saguenay, QC, certainly knows how to connect the generations and create unforgettable ties! Their intergenerational project welcomes schoolchildren into the residence for a unique opportunity to exchange and share their life experiences. 7. A group of residents from Chartwell Chatsworth in Kelowna, BC, recently put their talents to good use in their local community by teaming up with Mamas for Mamas Kelowna, an organization that supports mothers facing poverty. Residents got to work knitting a number a beautiful baby b l a n ket s to d o n ate to th e organization. 5. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon when Chartwell Colonel Belcher in Calgary, AB, brought in a petting zoo from Butterfield Acres Farm in Calgary! Baby goats, lambs and chicks delighted visiting resi- CHARTWELL.COM 16