Rendezvous by/par Chartwell Winter 2018/2019 - Page 13

3 8 4 11 6 5 7 the recreation department organized a special outing on Lake Simcoe for her and a few friends. 7. For Don, High Park in Toronto holds a special place in his heart, especially during early summer when it is still relatively quiet. Knowing this, staff at Chartwell Scarlett Heights in Etobicoke, ON, organized a day trip for him to visit the park again to enjoy the splendour and beauty of the historic landmark. 8. A 95-year-old resident at Chartwell Ste-Marthe in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, confided to staff that she had never had the opportunity to taste cotton candy while growing up. Staff were all too excited to satisfy her desire for the sticky treat and everyone enjoyed the tasty surprise! 9. Angela, a resident of Chartwell Oak Park Terrace in Windsor, ON, always felt like she missed her calling as a nurse. Lucky for her, staff at the residence gave her the perfect opportunity to live out her dream. They provided her with a set of scrubs, a stethoscope and her very own Nurse Angela badge. Before long, she was administering chocolates to her fellow residents, making sure everyone had their “medication.” 10. After having to say goodbye to an old canine friend, Janke of Chartwell Imperial Place in Surrey, BC , mentioned that she’d been thinking of adopting a new dog. After hearing this, staff jumped into action to help her find a new companion. After an online search and a bus ride to the local animal shelter, Janke found the perfect pooch named Tassi! 9 11. Erva of Chartwell Belcourt in Orléans, ON, has a lot of family history with The Keg Manor restaurant in Ottawa. In fact, her great-grandfather helped construct the building where the restaurant now resides. Knowing this, Chartwell Belcourt staff contacted the restaurant to set up a private tour to learn more about the building’s history, topping things off with a delicious meal to honour her great-grandfather! CHARTWELL.COM 10