remark September 2017 - Page 13

5 & FINALLY A mixture of two strange but true stories, Top 5, who to follow and what’s happening in September WHAT’S ON IN SEPTEMBER 13 th Ro ald Dahl Day NFL 2017 SuperBowl Ad’s 1 Skittles / “Romance” 2 Hyundai / “A Better Bowl” 3 Budweiser / “Born The Hard Way 23 rd -30 th 4 Kia / “Heroes Journey” Invict us Games 5 Ford / “2017 Ford Go Further” Jaguar, Land Rover 24 th TOP 5 STRANGE BUT TRUE 30th NFL London AFL Grand Final S u b wa y, Ju st Fo r Men Toyata, Coca Cola, Gatorade BONY GOES ‘WILD’ ENTRANCE WALK The latest transfer window has given rise to the trend of bizarre done deal/ new signing announcements. From Jesus Navas being kidnapped to John Terry’s Whatsapp reveal, it seems to be the new craze for clubs, possibly in an attempt to capture and develop a newer, younger audience. I know what you are thinking… this looks way too explicit to be included in this month’s edition of Remark. However, it’s not as dodgy as it initially looks. Pictured above is Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather on his entrance walk to the ring. Super WHO TO FOLLOW However, the most recent announcement that (in our opinion) has surpassed the rest is Swansea’s reveal of Wilfred Bony. Admittedly it is difficult to watch through the whole clip, however it is a must watch, make sure you turn that volume up! WATCH HERE It was the moment everyone was waiting for, after a year of endless hype, relentless jibes, will-it- won’t -it speculation… and the only thing people were talking about at the ring walk was.. what is Floyd Mayweather wearing? Mayweather was clearly keen to make an impression, and unsurprisingly it worked.. 1 @ NFLUK for all the action 2 @ FloydMayweather to keep up 3 @ HeinzUK to win great NFL 4 @ InvictusToronto for Toronto’s 5 @SUBWAYUKIreland to get involved in NFL taster sessions from the 2017 series with his antics prizes! hosting of the games