remark June 2017 - Page 9

3 SLICED Rights holders embrace a new generation of fans GOLFSIXES EXCITES YOUTH SAHARA FORCE INDIA With an ageing fanbase, it comes as no surprise that golf is looking to revolutionise the sport, with new innovative technology and tournament formats the key to attracting a new wave of golf fans. The new GolfSixes tournament looks to appeal to a younger audience through the exciting introduction of a shot clock and a celebrity pro-amateur tournament. It’s not long until these types of tournaments become a stalwart of golf. Formula One team Sahara Force India have recently struck a £1m partnership with SportBible, the third biggest sports site in the world. The move looks to further enhance Force India’s opportunities in delivering a unique angle of F1 to the smartphone -first generation. Under the terms of the agreement, SportBible will have exclusive access to the team and will create an array of video content; such as interviews, challenges and behind-the-scenes. NEXT GEN ATP TOUR FINALS FC SCHALKE MICROCHIP KIT The ATP Tour have outlined their interest in the next generation of tennis fans. Experts and studies suggest that millennials and Gen - Z audiences prefer faster tempo sports. ATP president Chris Kermode is pioneering the movement with the NEXT GEN Finals in Milan. This includes short sets, shots clocks and no lets. It has the potential to reinvigorate the world of tennis and is one to watch this summer. Before this years Bundesliga finale, FC Schalke announced an exciting prospect for next seasons kit. The replica football shirts will include a microchip in the sleeve to allow fans to buy both food and drink within the stadium. With the convenience of a cashless system, FC Schalke are keeping with the contactless trend, whilst it’s likely the microchip could have a positive impact on crowd control within the stadium, leading to an overall better fan experience. MOST ECO TEAM IN SPORT? AUSTRALIAN BIG BASH LEAGUE With consumers becoming increasingly interested in a company's social responsibility, Forest Green Rovers are aiming to become the most sustainable football club in the world. In the past, football and sustainability have been seen as incompatible, however owner Dale Vince’s initiatives, such as an independent pitch irrigation and a meat free menu have combatted this. Will other teams follow suit? Give the people what they want…? The BBL is about attracting new viewers to cricket. It’s about kids, it’s about families and it’s about females… and not necessarily targeted to the traditional cricket fans. Cricket Australia have hit for six by introducing an exciting form of cricket to a new generation. This includes non-stop entertainment, with player’s being mic’d up, 3 hour games, helmet cams, fireworks and cheerleaders!