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5 & FINALLY A mixture of two strange but true stories, Top 5, who to follow and what’s happening in June WHAT’S ON IN JUNE 3 rd 3 rd Brit ish & Irish Lio ns To ur 2017 UEFA Champio ns League Final St andard Life Invest ment s, DHL, Land Rover UniCredit , So ny, Mast ercard , Walkers AUDI CUP HOLLOGRAM Yes, it’s at strange as it looks… 8 th TOP 5 BRITISH & IRISH LIONS CONTENT STRANGE BUT TRUE 24 th Isle o f Wight Fest ival ICC Wo men’s Cricket Wo rld Cup Heineken, Brit ish Airways, BT Nissan, Emirat es, Oppo A couple of weeks ago Bayern Munich conducted a live hologram news press conference. This was staged in order to announce the participants in the up and coming 2017 Audi Cup. This allowed viewers to have the pleasure of watching an awkward looking Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool) and Diego Simeone (Athletico Madrid) being interviewed whilst in completely different countries. Although the experience may have saved both coaches from 15 hours travelling time, it also provided a slightly awkward/amusing event for all involved. SPECIAL DELIVERY!! Football fans attending the Portuguese Cup Final were treated to a glimpse into the future. The match ball was delivered by a man floating on a hover board … Is this how we are going to start all our sports matches in the not too distant future…? In the video, the hoverboard-riding man at Estádio Nacional can be seen surfing through the air with relative ease over security officials and photographers before landing on the opposite side of the pitch. Admittedly slightly strange, it also gives you the urge to want to try one of these superhero-esque machines. 1 Robert Walters looks to recruit The Ultimate Lions Fan 2 Lions launch grassroots program 3 Canterbury create spine tingling pre-tour ad 4 QBE discover the backroom staff 5 Land Rover delve into grassroots values Lions WHO TO FOLLOW 1 @Britishandirishlions for latest behind the scenes content 2 @Thenotoriousmma – for the ever amusing McGregor happenings 3 @Intel to keep an eye on any more innovative content 4 @GolfSixes to keep in touch with the ever-changing golf format 5 @BTSport for more post-CL Final action