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5 & FINALLY A mixture of two strange but true stories, Top 5, who to follow and what’s happening in August WHAT’S ON IN AUGUST 4 th – 13 th Most social media followers for female athletes (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) 7 th – 13 th IAAF Wo rld Champio ns hips US PGA, North Caro lina Asics, T o yo t a, Seiko Co ca Co la, Avis 9 th – 26 th TOP 5 STRANGE BUT TRUE 28 th - 10 th Wo men’s Rugby Wo rld Cup 2017 US Open Tennis New York Land Ro ver, Aldi, MasterCard IBM, AMEX, Emirat es F**K YOU MAYWEATHER HALF TIME PINTS McGregor is no stranger to causing havoc amongst sporting fans and he pulled out all the stops on the McGregor vs. Mayweather Press Tour. If you thought beer advertisers had done everything they could to entice you for a nice cold beer at half time… think again! A typically well dress man, at first glance McGregor wore an ordinary pinstripe suit; however on closer inspection, it was a custom three-piece David August suit, with “F**k You” repeated again and again down the pinstripe. If you would like one yourselves, you are now able to buy the offensive piece from David August’s made -to-measure collection (for a hefty price). Brewery firm Gambrinus have found an innovative new way to market their beer to the fans during the game, with the creation of their beer can shaped dugouts for the teams at Viktoria Plzen’s stadium, the Doosan Arena. Kitted out with plush leather seats, there is unfortunately no beer available for the coaching staff and substitute players if a game starts becoming dull, but the fans will certainly have a reminder of what to get at half time. 1 Ronda Rousey – 24.3m 2 Maria Sharapova – 24.1m 3 Serena Williams – 20.1m 4 Alex Morgan – 11.4m 5 Jessica Ennis-Hill – 3.4m WHO TO FOLLOW 1 @rondarousey 2 @Sharapova 3 @SerenaWilliams 4 @AlexMorganSoccer 5 @ JessicaEnnisHill - To see if Jess will carry on making strides in athletics - For more UFC action - To follow her comeback - For baby updates – is it a boy or girl? - To follow her football journey.