remark April 2017 - Page 9

3 SLICED Women-empowering partnerships NIKE RELEASE HIJAB WESTERN UNION EDUCATE BETTER This month, Nike have taken steps to both empower women and promote diversity by releasing the first ever sports hijab, offering Muslim women the opportunity to purchase a hijab designed specifically with sport in mind. This represents a big step forward for sportswear companies and we expect to see other brands following suit. Nike partnered with Zahra Lari (figure skater) and Amna Al Haddad (weight lifter) for the big launch. Western Union consistently work hard to promote education for women and to help where possible all over the world. Partnering with International Women’s Day, they promoted their Chain of Betters initiative, which encourages the public to submit their fundraising and charity ideas before executing a number of the best entries. The WU Foundation is currently on track to help train 50,000 women by 2020. SWEDISH FA EMPOW ER WITH KIT P&G’s #WeSeeEqual The Swedish FA have publically demonstrated their support of women empowerment together with the Swedish Women’s football team. For the Algarve Cup, players were asked to source empowering quotes from prominent Swedish women that personally motivated them; these quotes then replaced the ir own names on the back of their shirts. An inspirational message from the Swedish FA and one that highlights that power comes from doing things together. On the same day as International Women’s Day P&G launched their new #WeSeeEqual campaign to uncover gender bias. The social-based campaign is sharing videos of girls, women, and also boys defying gender stereotypes using many of the different beauty brands under the P&G umbrella. Check out some of the videos here. GETTY TEAM UP WITH CANON BENETTON GO GLOBAL Getty Images have collaborated with both Canon and the Women’s Sport Trust to launch a sports photography internship for women. This opportunity will be a paid, 12 -month internship based in London during which the lucky candidate will be trained in the art of photography and will be introduced to every aspect of the business. This will provide new, female talent the chance to break into this male-dominated world. United Colour of Benetton have also launched a global initiative to tie in with International Women’s Day. Having started their #UnitedByHalf campaign in India back in February, they used this celebration of women to roll it out to a global audience this month. This campaign will mobilise people to think, talk and act in ways that support the empowerment of women.