remark April 2017 - Page 7

2 PACESETTERS Stepping beyond the rugby pitch O2 Vodafone I n t h e i r 2 2 nd y e a r i n p a r t n e r s h i p w i t h England Rugby, O2 have gone above and beyond in an attempt to bring the fans closer to the action. In doing so, a real emphasis has been put on delivering exclusive content and focusing on unprecedented behind-the-scenes access. With an emphasis on taking viewers beyond the 80 minutes of rugby on-field, Vodafone have created some insightful content in an attempt to bring fans closer to Irish Rugby using #TeamOfUs. The focus on off-the- field experiences highlights a shift in sponsorship attention. By getting to know the players better off the pitch and outside of their familiar territory as well as the fans themselves, this \\[H]\BوY؞H۝[ H]Ḧ[YH[H\Y[HY™X]\H[\YX\&\^][ۜ[\ZYێ\ۈ^H\Y[]H[H\[[\]]Hˈ̈]HݚYYB\Y]HوZ[ ]K\[\^\Y[\™܈H[]\\HZ\] L BZ[]H]HXXX[H[YHB[[Z[[[\ۈ[YHYZ܈B]HX] Y^HX[KX]\[[\š[YHH[[[]YK\[\˜H]HIH]^Y\ZYY\B[YK[Y][ۋ][][\H[X\YBZ[[^H^\Y[K̈]HۙBۙH\\\HX[[X[ [YH ͌0Y[]H\X\XH[[\X]HY[Y[YH^\][H܈̂\Y\ˈ̈\ܚY]H[[X[H[\[\][\[ݘ]]B^\Y[H[[[[[]B[[X[H[ZH\[\X[[X\Y[[[Bܝ[[XY[X[]H[[X]B^HوZ[[XYX\TKYۙx&\[\ZYۈY[\[H M]][[[\][ۘ[Έ^H[X\YBZ[ ]K\[\[ XX\[\Bو\[[8&\X\ٝ[\و]YXK\HY8&]HY\[[Y\&H X\]Y[KYۙH[X\YHXۙ]X X[X\]Y[\H]Z\YY\\[[8&\[ݙ\[H[H^][ۜˈ[]Y\^\[ݙ[X\]ݚYYY]\][XY[YX\H\\^Y\\[\X[[Y]\XYܙK\Y[YH[\B]\YHBY^\]H[Y[Y[]B\\X[KYۙH]HY[XHš[ݘ]][H\]]HY؞H[ˈB\[ۈH[X[[][ۜ\]^\Z[\\Y؞K\^Y\˜[X\][][H]\BY؞H[\KYۙH]HX\ٝ[BZ[H[\]YH\X[ۋ