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5 & FINALLY A mixture of two strange but true stories, Top 5, who to follow and what’s happening in April WHAT’S ON IN APRIL 2 nd 8 th Checkatrade Trophy Final at Wemble y Grand Nat io nal, Aint ree Rando x Healt h 9 th 2017 F1 Race in Shanghai, China Heineken, Tat a Co mmunicat io ns 14 th – 23 rd Co achella Empire Po lo Club, Go lden Vo ice STRANGE BUT TRUE TOP 5 ANNIVERSARY ACTIVATIONS DUNKING DRONES PASS THE HEINZ T o ma r k O r e o ’ s 1 0 5 th b i r t h d a y a n d t h e a n n u a l 6 th M a r c h “N a t i o n a l O r e o D a y ” , the cookie company tried a new kind of signature dunking: via drone. In a unique twist, a 50-year-old (in theory) concept from the TV show Mad Men is becoming reality for Heinz in NYC. Setting up a few hundred cups of milk on a barge on New York’s East River, a team of drone pilots launched an aerial cookie assault, successfully hitting their mark, and completing Oreo’s first -ever drone dunk. They even got a bit of slow -mo footage of the momentous event! The stunt also launched an #OREOdunkcontest encouraging fans to post pictures and footage of their most impressive dunk for a chance to win prizes. The three ads, which had images of food with the three simple words “ PASS THE HEINZ ” on them, were created in the “1960’s” and will run across OOH and print in NYC in Variety magazine, the New York Post as well as social media. Typewriter-published credits were also shared with the launch of the campaign, proving that some clients really do take forever to approve an idea… 1 2 1 0 5 th : O r e o ’ s D u n ki n g D r o n e s 3 7 5 th : K r a f t M a c & C h e e s e O l d Birds New Tweets 4 2 0 th : O l d N a vy ’ s N a vy W a l l 5 5 0 th : T i m H o r t o n ’ s T i me T r a ve l Cafe 1 0 0 th : H e l l ma n n ’ s G i a n t P i c n i c Table WHO TO FOLLOW 1 @HeinzKetchup_US to see how Mad Men progresses 2 @McDonaldsUK to keep an eye on the Mum of the Year 3 @O2 for more potential post- Six Nations innovative content 4 @GettyImages to find out who wins their coveted internship 5 @Fanatics for all their America’s Cup excitement