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Through the eyes of of Lievin Manisha

I am a survivor of 1993 genocide in Burundi at age six. I grew up in continual political crisis caused by tribal conflicts. We lost family members and siblings during the same genocide. We often dropped out from our elementary and high schools due to instability. Many of us

voluntary or forcibly joined different rebel groups. Youngsters lost their lives as our country got involved into a long civil war that lasted for more than a decade. Facing consequences of a civil war at early age made every kid of my generation loosing hope and direction of

life. We had to be matured before our time and war experiences dehumanized many of us. We grew up without trust, love and sense of humor. Children who survived from conflicts lost their dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers and teachers since that everything became hard for them.

I got into South Africa in 2005 after going trough a lot of hardships. I am thankful to the Lord who protected me and kept my spirit focused on my education and dream. It is easy to give up in life when things are not going smooth with you as you wish. As a 16 year old on my own and in a foreign country, it wasn't easy to carry all the responsibilities that I had to take. I completed my high school in South Africa as an asylum seeker and it was a huge blessing and accomplishment to me.I cannot blame my fellow friends who failed to accomplish their goals and dreams because i know how hard it was. We are all born equal but our environment and opportunities have great effects on who and what we become in future. Tribal Conflicts in Burundi have misshaped the future of my generation and the next generations.I was favored by the Lord in

my whole life, and i believe that he has a reason on my life. The first favor was knowing Christ as my savior when things got really harder with me. Life is hard and much harder when you are lost in this world with none to guide you out of true passion. Hardships can help us be great

when we cry for help to the only one who can understand our struggles

and forgive our trials.

passion. Hardships can help us be great when we cry for help to the only one who can understand our struggles and forgive our trials.

I could not afford to pay my tuition fees right after my high school. However, the Lord favored me again, i made it to United States and currently i am doing my third year at Louisiana College, LA. I cannot brag on my successes when our nation is crippled with a tribal virus and corruption. I have wished to see a better Burundi for all Burundians and a better Africa for all Africans since my hardship childhood, but wishes kept turning into agony, humiliation, and tears. It has been twenty three years since we were driven out of the land of our fathers and great fathers. Twenty three years of hardships and wondering around the world like Jews in desert with no hope to reach our promised land. Burundi and AFRICA in general will remain to be our promised land although they have been turned into battle fields, butchers, and real live horror making place for movies. Today, many lives of Burundians and many Africans are in hands of African corrupt leaders supported by Imperialists. Diplomats and different leaders around the world are acting like wrong preachers of Gospel. They preach what they are far from practicing, and brag about success in promoting unity, love and

peace in the world.

I am not a supper man or hero, but i feel like doing what is right with my Lord who has always been there for me. I cannot see him or touch him but i can see the struggle of people of Burundi whom he created. Much was given to me and i wish to give the best of what i can. Since my arrival in USA, i have always been thinking about my people and country. Life is comfortable here compared to my country, but i can't enjoy it when my friends, family and neighbors are oppressed. Burundi is bleeding

everyday and many youngsters are going trough what is worse than what i have i went trough. I have voluntary understood that I am obligated to do my part in making a peaceful Burundi. Last December, i organized a peaceful protest at UN, in New York and purpose was to draw an attention of the world about what is happening in Burundi. I talk about Burundi to

different churches and organizations here while seeking for help and

prayers on Nation.