Reloaded Mag Africa Volume 20 - Page 9

What happened to the guy who will look but won’t feel the strong urge to touch? What happened to the guy that will spend his last bit of airtime making a network-to-network call rather than call using free WiFi at work or at McDonald's? Gentlemen who understand the value of courtship. That’s what I am looking for – a guy who can appreciate how the right amount of effort and valor can win the girl!

Alright, Reloaders’… Now that we are all acquainted with the severity of the situation – let’s all agree that necessary steps need to be taken in order to achieve one of the following goals:

- Become so amazing at being single in Jozi

that I don’t notice I’m alone

- Find my Mr. Perfect and live in blissful

madness; or

- Reach the holy grail of a happy balance

between the above…

Now, this might take a month or a year, or it might never happen, however, I am excited to share my journey with you. The failed dates, navigating through unwanted questions, blocking one night stands and obviously being okay with what your path is set out to be.

Let’s do this Singe In Jozi thing, shall we?

By: Bausslady_Mo

Funny, I’ve always been that girl who thought that I would be ‘wifed-up’,

and busy baking my fourth ‘bun’ at this age. White picket fence –

hot blue eyed hubby who keeps it in his pants, you know, living

the dream. But alas, the universe had other plans for me.