Reloaded Mag Africa Volume 20 - Page 27

I have been a follower of the Transformers movies for a long time, and one of the most exciting parts about this Transformers movie was the fact that it is in IMAX, so that added more value to it even before the movie started. The trailer of the movie created great suspense, as it focused largely on the beginning of the movie, focusing on the war. And for many for many I spoke to after seeing the trailer, they had one question, and that was “how do the transformers fit in?”, and I have to admit I didn’t see Optimus Prime in Camelot war gear.

Now on to the movie. It is always hard to see a movie being bigger than some that came before it, but Transformers The Last Knight made its own statement. The main thing that captured my attention is the chemistry between Mark Wahlberg and Laura Haddock. The lave hate relationship they had on screen from the minute they met was predictable yet inviting, it is one of those relationships you can see coming, but can’t wait to see it happen. Whereas Isabela Moner displayed the right levels of bravery without overdoing it, showing the stubbornness and naivety of a young person. When it comes to Jerrod Carmichael, I feel like they should have given him more screen time; his role was crafted perfectly, as he is “black”, but not too “black” in the movie, he overreacts just to the right level. The presence of Quintessa in this whole story made things very interesting, because for a long time we have know Optimus Prime as the perfect transformer alongside Bumblebee and Megatron, so Quintessa makes this trio even more interesting because even though it doesn’t change much in regards to Megatron, but it brings a chilling element of seeing Optimus Prime as a villain for a little, and Bumblebee having to step up. Some of the key factors of this particular movie are:

We see the stubborn nature of humans when it comes to protecting earth.

We also confirm that human believe in something when they see it.

Memories are forever, because they can drag you out of a dark place.

The biggest strength and weakness of a man will always be a woman, as we see with Mark Wahlberg and Laura Haddock.

In closing, I strongly recommend that people go out and watch Transformers The Last Knight, if not for the action packed scenes or the humour, then just to see Merlin drunk while the world is at war.

By: Ntsikelelo Miya