Reloaded Mag Africa Volume 20 - Page 13

Who is Elizabeth

A young ambitious lady, passionate about what she, does social media influencer, Bcom Accounting graduate & currently pursuing MSC in finance & Accounting

My childhood

I grew up at my grandmas so it was happy, strict, disciplined and highly religious.

Social media Influencer

Social media influencing comes about when you have a trusted audience on social media i.e face book, instagram and twitter. So businesses look up to promoting their products to new and existing potential customers through the influencers channel usually through a campaigns.

I got to learn the basics and grow my account through #TheHandofSas team. It’s a group of tweeps across Africa passionate about growing their social media accounts, you get to learn how to be a trend setter up to a point you can actually do it on your own.


Sometimes you can’t do it alone so you will really need a good back up team. Also no matter what you do good or bad, people will always have something negative to say so criticism is also a challenge


Yes it is, brands compensate influencers monetarily or with free samples of the product. I do know several people who make a living out of it, they do it as a full time job and they pay all their pills out of it.

Growth of digital media

Digital media is the current BIG thing and if you won’t keep up you will be left behind

ranked favorite tweleb

Well that come about because I mostly do life tweets. most of my followers actually think that I’m a motivational speaker but I’m not .to me it acts as a motivation to really wake up each and every day to tweet something positive to uplift somebody. You really never know what somebody is going through and one kind world goes a long way . It does come with recognition and it is important for me because it gives me an audience.

Black twitter

It is a large community of black users, mainly African American who through their numbers and interaction get topics going viral and trending


Apart from influencing I study, I do vlogs and I do work. I juggle everything through being focused having a vision and being self disciplined i.e. setting my priorities right and with the help of God everything else false into place.