Relationships Australia 2016 - 2017 Annual Report 1 - Page 86

WORKING TOGETHER FOR COLLECTIVE IMPACT In line with our commitment to working collaboratively with others to achieve a more just society, Relationships Australia South Australia has participated in many collaborations that support multidisciplinary networks and ensure coordinated service delivery. Success Indicator: Collaborations that strengthen collective impact are identified and evaluated. Together in the North A member of Together SA since December 2015, Relationships Australia South Australia has contributed to the Together in the North Collective Impact initiative with more than 20 partners over the past year. The Together in the North project aims to drive systems change and inspire social action towards a future in which all children and young people in the City of Playford are happy, healthy, ready for today, and for the future. To date the project has developed and agreed an Action Plan, and has been working towards establishing shared result areas and indicators, as well as developing a first baseline report and Population Accountability Plan. The Northern Economic Plan and the Premier of SA, have also nominated Together in the North as a Thriving Communities site. Onkaparinga Collaborative Approach Onkaparinga Collaborative Approach (OCA) received a grant from the City of Onkaparinga to deliver four community forums in partnership with the Southern Domestic Violence Community Development Network about family violence, its impact on women, children and families and therapeutic work with men and women. The White Ribbon Breakfast Committee also awarded OCA a $1,000 grant to run Women Are Strong therapeutic groups at two children’s centres. Dads Moving Towards Responsibility The Dads Moving Toward Responsibility: Men’s Behaviour Change Group ran several times in 2016-17 and was well attended. Anglicare SA delivered the group and Relationships Australia SA provided support and counselling to the partners and ex- partners of the men involved. Anecdotal information indicates the partnership has been critical in promoting women’s safety as the men learn non-violent means of communicating and interacting with partners and ex-partners. South Community Justice Centre Through a partnership with Relationships Australia SA, the Southern Community Justice Centre will deliver one-day outreach at the office based at Westfield Marion. 78 Relationships Australia SA Annual Report 2016 -2017