Relationships Australia 2016 - 2017 Annual Report 1 - Page 83

JobReady Project The Australian Institute of Social Relations welcomed a student and course management system. Transitioning the student and course management system to a new system has been a significant project which provides the Australian Institute of Social Relations the ability to automate processes such as enrolments and payments. The new system gives students access to their own portal containing course information, payment information and timetables, therefore reducing administration staff load. The new system makes collation of data easier which is important to create reports for auditing, marketing and financial purposes. The AISR staff also fRFR&ƗGF42&V֖FW'2@WFFW2FG27GVFVB6'C2vV2F֖7FW"7V6Ɨ6VB7W'fW2FFVFgv67GVFVG2VVBFP7B767F6R6W'6R7V66W72F6F'3FR&v6F2f6ǒf&RFR&v6FW6W2&W6W&6W0Vff6VFǒ77FV2V7W&R67W&FR@VffV7FfR&W'Fr77FV26ǒvFWFW&VFFr&6W76W27G&VwFV&v6F66G&VF62W7G&Ɩ4V&W'B#b#psP