Relationships Australia 2016 - 2017 Annual Report 1 - Page 82

Penelope and Business Intelligence Relationships Australia SA has been working on a number of initiatives on the Penelope Case Management and Business Intelligence (BI) systems. Installing the Tableau Reporting server has enabled the use of a number of BI dashboards allowing staff to review key organisational metrics. The agency has used the Penelope program since late 2009, hence there is a significant amount of information that can be extracted. As such, the Information and Data Management team has engaged in a program of data quality work to ensure that the consistent recording of data is maintained by all staff. This work will continue into 2017/18. During this year, efficiencies were introduced to automate and speed up letter writing within the Penelope case management system. This has saved a significant amount of time and also meant that letters can be saved directly into the client record. Success Indicator: Systems ensure accurate and effective reporting. 74 Relationships Australia SA Annual Report 2016 -2017 Continuous Improvements A number of improvements through the use of technology were achieved by Finance and Human Resources. The Poolcar system was introduced, enabling staff to book vehicles online and enable greater reporting functionality. It also improved controls over maintaining staff licence details and monitoring of vehicle use. A number of projects were completed or progressed, including improvements to the automation of month-end report generation and automation to the statutory financial statements. Also, Ci Anywhere Payroll continued to rollout across the organisation, reducing the need for emails and paper forms. All staff were able to access their pay advices and payment summaries online and an increased number of staff were able to submit leave requests and timesheets online. Success Indicators: The organisation uses resources efficiently.