Relationships Australia 2016 - 2017 Annual Report 1 - Page 81

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining Relationships Australia SA is moving forward with the cloud to help with agility, innovation and cost reduction. Transforming the business was a key priority for the Information and Data Management team when they implemented the ‘Relationships Australia SA to the Cloud’ Infrastructure project. The key drivers for the project were timing for the new infrastructure update; moving away from physical servers; flexibility to optimise the architecture for the Penelope Case Management System; ability to easily change the capacity of the server when required and price. The team were able to utilise Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to provide a cloud- computing environment. Benefits have been seen already in setting up testing and training environments without impinging on the live system and fulfilling the key drivers of the project. Looking forward, the team will be building on this work and upgrading the Wide Area Network infrastructure that links all eight sites at Relationships Australia SA. It is projected the cloud will save $30,000 per annum on data centre costs. Success Indicator: The organisation uses resources efficiently. Trrukuwika Support Desk for staff Trrukuwika is the new intranet and is the Kaurna word for “Meeting Web”. Staff have access to a dedicated Support Desk to ensure effective Information and Data Management Systems. Relationships Australia SA launched its new Office 365 SharePoint Intranet called “Trrukuwika” during this financial year. Trrukuwika was provided by the Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi at the University of Adelaide. Kaurna is the name used to refer to the language of the Aboriginal people who occupied the Adelaide Plains and surrounding districts prior to European colonisation. Most of Relationships Australia SA offices operate on Kaurna land. As a sign of respect and acknowledgement of the traditional custodians, we have chosen to use a word from Kaurna language for our SharePoint. The Support Desk provides a single point of contact for staff whenever they experience technical issues. The Support Desk provides a triaging process, so that should it be unable to solve a particular issue on first contact by a staff member, it will then escalate the issue to more specialist technicians until the problem is resolved. Trrukuwika replaces two previous iterations and has proven useful to staff. It is a single point for holding all organisational documents such as policies, procedures and forms, whereas previously there were a myriad of different versions in a variety of locations. Due to the SharePoint technology used, staff are able to more effectively collaborate on cross-team projects and track progress on such. They can also share rich media such as instructional videos, create blog posts and share document links without the difficulties of managing and merging multiple versions of the same document. Strengthen Organisational Capacity | Relationships Australia SA Annual Report 2016 -2017 73