Relationships Australia 2016 - 2017 Annual Report 1 - Page 79

NEW AND EXTENDED SERVICES New service to provide Family Advocacy and Support Service - Social Work Service Relationships Australia SA welcomes the opportunity to develop and continue to serve the community with these new and extended services. In March 2017 Relationships Australia SA secured a short-term contract to provide a social worker to work on a fulltime basis in the Legal Services Commission’s Duty Lawyer program at the Adelaide Family Court. The contract was later extended until 30 June 2018. New service providing assessment and referral in Adelaide’s West Supporting improved child protection services in the Western suburbs of Adelaide. In June 2017 Relationships Australia SA was contracted to develop and deliver the new Western Child and Family Assessment and Referral Network (WCFARN). This is an initiative of the South Australian Government following the Nyland Royal Commission. WCFARN will be one of three CFARNs in metropolitan Adelaide providing a new early intervention pillar in the child protection system for children from before birth until 2 years of age. The service will assess families at the local level to enable better planning and allocation of support services that intervene early so that families are strengthened and children are protected. The Legal Services Commission has been funded by federal government to provide this service targeted at reducing family violence. The key components of this initiative are to increase the capacity of the existing duty lawyer services and to integrate support services to help families affected by family violence. Funding acknowledgement Funded by the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department through the Legal Services Commission of South Australia. Funding acknowledgement WCFARN is an initiative of the South Australian Government Strengthen Organisational Capacity | Relationships Australia SA Annual Report 2016 -2017 71