Relationships Australia 2016 - 2017 Annual Report 1 - Page 77

BUILDING OUR PEOPLE LEADERS Relationships Australia SA has been building leadership capacity in the organisation through a new development program called Building Front Line Leadership that began in February 2017. The program includes 6 face-to-face sessions over 12 months, covering the topics of Getting to Know Yourself as a Leader, Leading Healthy Teams, Leading Diverse Teams, Cultural Fitness as a Leader, Managing Clients, and Growing Your Team and Your Program. In 2017 every front line People Leader was invited to attend the new program; in future years, new People Leaders will join the program as they commence in their role. Developed and delivered in partnership between Operations and Human Resources, subject matter experts are also engaged and invited to present at sessions. It has been encouraging to hear the great insights from the leaders, and how strongly our leaders live the organisation’s values in everything they do. We have already observed leaders building confidence in managing operational matters for their team, leading new tasks and developing their skills. From 2018, People Leaders will also be starting a practice group where they can discuss chosen topics and share their learning. This program also continues to develop talent pipelines for future leadership roles as well as supporting our leaders to be set up for success. STUDENT PLACEMENTS During 2017, Relationships Australia SA made a commitment to provide a placement for every Australian Institute of Social Relations student that required one. Students are asked to complete their placement application on the recruitment website so their talent information is captured for future reference. This has enabled the HR team to promote career opportunities to appropriately skilled candidates and to track if students are employed in future years. One of the 17 placements during the year was Mohammad, a Community Services Certificate III student, who assisted with the Sorry Day North project. As part of the placement, Mohammad helped with setup of the Sorry Day North event, including attending meetings with community stakeholders and taking minutes, creating flyers, booking suppliers and building resources for the communication team to use after the event. Enable a Thriving Workplace and Culture | Relationships Australia SA Annual Report 2016 -2017 69