Relationships Australia 2016 - 2017 Annual Report 1 - Page 76

OUR CULTURAL FITNESS COMMITMENT Commitment to Cultural Fitness on a daily basis is part of developing a culturally safe workplace for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. A commitment to Cultural Fitness is an important ingredient in Relationships Australia SA’s values of diversity, respect, belonging and learning, and is seen as essential to a thriving workplace and work culture. Regular training is organised internally for staff and the Australian Institute of Social Relations provides Cultural Fitness training for external students and for other organisations. In the past 2016/17 year, six groups have undertaken Cultural Fitness Training (CFT), including the Salvation Army, Baptist Care, Children’s Ground, Workskil and Relationships Australia 68 Relationships Australia SA Annual Report 2016 -2017 SA managers; totalling 115 participants. Evaluation data from these sessions revealed that participants had improved knowledge of and behavioural intentions toward Aboriginal people, and they were also less prejudiced. In particular, there was a statistically significant change in participants’ knowledge and ‘modern’ racism attitudes (that is, more subtle, covert forms of prejudice that are often belied by displays of outgroup acceptance). Furthermore, in a sub-study of participants, 95% either agreed or strongly agreed that they were satisfied with the training. Additionally, 100% of Relationship Australia SA’s managers reported that as a result of undertaking the training, their understanding of how to effectively challenge racism and their ability to lead cultural fitness conversations with their teams had improved. At Relationships Australia SA, 5% of staff identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. As part of the agency’s commitment to Cultural Fitness, retaining and increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers is a priority. An Aboriginal Employment Strategy has been devised and is underpinned by the Rel ѥ́͡Ʌ%)9ݽɬI%8ɅݽɬQɔɔ)ѡɕɕ́ѥȁѡMɅѕ)IѕѥɥMх%مѥٔ)IեѵЁ ձɅѹ̸)%ش܁Iѥ́͡ɅM)ݕݼ܁ɥх))币́]Ʌԁݽ͡ݽɭ)́ ЁM٥́=ȁQɅЁѡ)!ͥ͠єQ展́9ɥɤ)ݽ͡ݽɭ́́є)IͽѥAɅѥѥȁ ɤ)MՍ́%ѽ)Mхݕ́ѕ)Mхͭ́ɔٕ