Relationships Australia 2016 - 2017 Annual Report 1 - Page 71

THE AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL RELATIONS The Australian Institute of Social Relations (AISR) is a registered training organisation and division of Relationships Australia SA that provides education to the community services and health industry sectors. TOTAL ENROLMENTS 2481 100% overall satisfaction by employers* 92% of past students felt prepared when they entered the workplace** 90% overall satisfaction by students* 78% completion rate of Nationally Recognised Qualifications Total students registered for Online Training 1280 Total students registered for Workforce Development programs 987 (national average is 43%) 214 Work placements for eligible students at Relationships Australia SA Suite of free and paid online learning *The Australian Institute of Social Relations Employer Questionnaire ** Independent auditors anonymous feedback from forty AISR students Total students enrolled in Nationally Recognised Qualifications 387 Health Professionals attended PEACE Multicultural Services Workforce Development programs In the past the AISR has received consistent positive feedback from its students from year to year, with last year being no exception. For 2016- 17, in addition to the standard AISR questionnaire, we engaged independent auditors who asked for anonymous feedback from forty AISR students who had graduated six months earlier. This independent survey found 100% satisfaction with our training; it also found 92 % of past students said our training program prepared them well for the workplace. According to our own questionnaires, overall satisfaction with training is also high, with 90% of students and 100% of employers expressing overall satisfaction. We are also proud of our completion rate of 78%, as this is well above the national average of 43%. Many of our qualifications require work placements; Relationships Australia SA has been happy to provide those opportunities as well as career pathways for our students. Students who study with the AISR also learn from Relationships Australia SA practitioners who provide a combined 70 years of practice wisdom and practical experience. Success Indicator: Institute graduates are work ready. Educate for the Future | Relationships Australia SA Annual Report 2016 -2017 63