Relationships Australia 2016 - 2017 Annual Report 1 - Page 63

Shining the Light on Taxi Drivers’ Health and Wellbeing Taxi drivers are one of the biggest community groups affected by problem gambling according to research, group discussions and community feedback undertaken by PEACE Gambling Help Services. Long working hours, cash flow, demanding work, financial insecurity and volatility within the taxi industry contribute to stress, relationship issues and unhealthy behaviours. Due to lack of entertainment options when taxi drivers finish work, they will often end up at casinos or pokies. After consulting with taxi drivers, PEACE organised information sessions in collaboration with the Taxi Council of South Australia and all fleet companies. 100 taxi drivers attended the community education session. Ongoing sessions are planned to continue to educate about problem gambling and encourage help seeking. This program has received welcome support from Jetts Gym, who fP&fFVB#BֆW"wV&W'622VFFW&FfRFFR66"W2खFfGVf֖ǒB6VGvV&Vr&VF62W7G&Ɩ4V&W'B#b#pS