Relationships Australia 2016 - 2017 Annual Report 1 - Page 56

COUNSELLING SERVICES MOSAIC – a tapestry of empathy, support and trauma informed practice MOSAIC Blood Borne Viruses Support Service started 14 years ago. The service provides support to people affected by blood borne viruses, as well as their families and friends, and gives a voice to those who are stigmatised, face discrimination and are marginalised on many levels. 330 Total number of clients seen 47.9% Existing Clients 52.1% New Clients 109% Percentage increase of new clients Gender 54.2% Male 44.3% Female 1.5% Not specified ATSI/CALD clients 12.6% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 3.6% Culturally and Linguistically Diverse 52 Relationships Australia SA Annual Report 2016 -2017 About MOSAIC’s clients 25.8% Clients who are currently in prison as a % of total clients 21.8% Clients who are injecting drug users as a % of total clients The six-person MOSAIC team supports the physical and emotional health of those affected by blood borne viruses, seeing clients from all over the state and undertaking telephone counselling for rural or remote clients. The team also provides outreach at Mobilong and Adelaide Women’s Prison, working with the Department of Correctional Services to reduce recidivism amongst the prison population. Read more about this work in Prison Population Health and Wellbeing section on page 29. Social justice lies at the heart of MOSAIC’s work. The team finds themselves working in many different ways, from assisting clients in their efforts to decriminalise prostitution, to supporting terminally ill clients facing deportation to their country of origin, where they will not be able to access medical treatment or have their family visit them before they die. MOSAIC clients report that they experience high levels of discrimination and stigma from a sector that is meant to be there to help them. Health and human services workers are therefore strongly encouraged to undertake the Blood Borne Virus Online course, a free, interactive online learning program, developed by the Australian Institute of Social Relations for the South Australian viral hepatitis and HIV sectors. As an orientation to workers (both paid and unpaid), this course aims to develop awareness and provides a broad understanding of the current landscape and common themes around blood borne viruses in Australia and South Australia. For more information or to enrol: learning/blood-borne-viruses-online- training-program Funding acknowledgement SA Health has contributed funds towards this Program.