Relationships Australia 2016 - 2017 Annual Report 1 - Page 55

“This was a time of real loneliness and grief,” says Brian. “I gravitated towards hotels and pokie machines. It was an escape from the way my life was going.” I once was lost but now Playing the pokies quickly escalated to a daily habit as Brian spiraled into depression. He accumulated credit card debt, sold his house, and eventually began living out of his car while continuing to gamble. on the ground. The Salvation Army referred Brian to the Gambling Help Service (GHS). Brian’s Story “It’s never too late to regain your life.” Brian is in his seventies. His journey to recovery from homelessness, depression and gambling addiction was a long road, but one that has led him to a fulfilling new life. Growing up in an unstable f֖ǐVf&VB'&FWfVVBVFVF77VW2BVrvRB7V@FR76G&27FvF66W72F66Ɩr7FfFW2"f6G0g&f֖ǒF2WW&V6RBrЧFW&7B2vV&Vrख2FRFVV2'&VBFR&א&W6W'fRBFW"FR"f&6R2f&VfvFW"RFW67&&W2F22v@W&B2ƖfR'WB2F66&vPg&FR"f&6R66FVBvF0'&vR'&VFvBFRG&v0FVFb2'&FW"( ĒB&VVv&ƖrFF7Bf"3V'2FF( BFV&GVFW@ג6V6V"( 62'&( vFW 7W'BV&VBFvRג熖WGvF֖FgVW72VFFF( Ф( fVB( fPvBגfVWB&6vFwVF6R@66RvVW&RBv6RFRW&WFB0'&VvBRW&Rg&Ч6FW72F&W72@FW7"'&F66fW&VBfRf"FpBG&vrF&Vv'Bw&W@FRWGB7G&VWB6VG&RR2&V6VFǐfVBFff&F&RW6rV@vFFR767F6RbFR&WGW&V@6W'f6RVwVRB26WFVBFP67VW"f6RG&r&w&vF&VF62W7G&Ɩ46RvW&R( fRv@( Ē6( B&VƖWfRFBrfRFW 66RB7F&R6V7W&RƖfRגv6Rג&2&RBFRfP&VvVBגVFBגFW&W76গ2VFW"6G&( fRvBƖfRr( FRg&VG2( fRFRV6FƗfRf"p&VG2גƖfR0GW&VB&VBBfRbƖfRgVf0גF2v2&VF66fW&rpFVג6V@W&WF&Vvג7&B6W2vखFfGVf֖ǒB6VGvV&Vr&VF62W7G&Ɩ4V&W'B#b#pS