Relationships Australia 2016 - 2017 Annual Report 1 - Page 17

As president, I look back with pride on the organisation’s achievements over the past year. Nonetheless, financial pressures combined with the increasing complexity of family and community concerns continue to provide ample challenges ahead. Greater community awareness about the prevalence and impact of family violence, child neglect and abuse, gambling harm, and the enduring legacy of institutional abuse, highlight the intensity of concerns that are all too commonplace within family and community services. Findings from recent Royal Commissions, government inquiries, and research consistently emphasise the need for policy and service reforms that will effectively respond to this demanding context. Understandably, funders are seeking services that demonstrate a measurable benefit for families and the community. Our commitment to the provision of effective and efficient services that holistically respond to wellbeing and safety concerns remains a central focus for these demanding times. The Board’s continued investment in the Family DOORS universal screening system, in partnership with Professor McIntosh from Deakin University, is an important contribution to individual, family and community health and wellbeing as well as an investment in an efficient tailored service delivery. Relationships Australia SA’s role in children services has expanded significantly this year, having been awarded the tender to deliver the only community sector led Child and Family Assessment and Referral Network (CFARN). The recommendation to establish three pilot CFARNs in the northern, southern and western suburbs was a major outcome of the Nyland Royal Commission into the state’s child protection system. These networks are designed to provide early intervention services to infants and their families during the first 1,000 days. We are pleased to be operating the WCFARN in partnership with the Department of Education and Child Development, Department of Child Protection and Child and Family Health Services. This important new service will support vulnerable families to adjust to and focus upon the needs of their infants, and is an essential component of effective child protection and wellbeing. Child and family safety and wellbeing has long been a focus for all Relationships Australia SA programs and we welcome this new opportunity to strengthen the developmental wellbeing of vulnerable children. Relationships Australia SA services continue to be in great demand and, importantly, highly regarded by the people who access them. Overall, client satisfaction rates have been 90%, or above, for the past four years. This year’s client snapshot survey was one of the largest with over 1,300 clients par ѥѥͥ́ѡ)ɕձ́ɕٕѡЀԔѡ͔)ٕ啐ݕɔͅѥ͙ݥѠȁ͕٥)ͅѡ䁅ɕ䁙Ёѕ)եѼѡɽ)ȁݡѡͽ՝ЁQ)ͥѕ䁽ѡɕٕ)́ɕЁѼIѥ͡Ʌ)Mх$ݥ͠Ѽɕ́)ɕѥѡȁѥ)и)Ʌ ф)Aɕͥӊé5ͅIѥ́͡ɅMՅIЀ؀(