Reiner of Europe Best in Europe Mare Register 2016 - Page 49

PRODUCE RECORD: 2011 - SHESA YELLOW GIRL by Yellow Jersey; 2012 - SPLITTING MEMORIES by Spat Split And White, 2015 NRHA European Derby Prefutu- rity Open L3 3 rd and L4 finalist, Italian RHA-NRHA Futurity L2 4 th , L3 6 th and L4 finalist 2013 - TWICE OF A SPLIT by Spat Split And White; 2014 - WHITE CATCHY by Spat Split And White 2015 - SPAT SPLIT AND STRIKE by Spat Split And White SHOW RECORD: $142.75 in NRHA Show; 2004 Italian RHA Pre Futurity Limited Open 4 th , Italian RHA Futurity Limited Open 3 rd , Italian RHA Futurity Open finalist; 2007 LR Rookie Youth 3 rd , Italian RHA Rookie Youth 5 th ; 2008 LR Rookie Youth Year End Reserve Champion, Italian RHA Year End Rookie Youth Champion. SIRE: SURPRISE ENTERPRISE, (1985) $44.873 in reining shows and 25 AQHA points, NRHA Open World Champion, AQHA World Champion Senior Reining Horse. 1988 NRHA Open Futurity 6 th ; 1989 NRHA Open Super Stakes Champion, NRHA Open Derby 3 rd ; 1990 NRHA Congress Open Reserve Champion; 1990 Lazy E Classic Open Reserve Champion, Lazy E Classic Bronze Trophy Open Champion, NRHA Show Marietta Oklahoma Open Champion, Southwest RHA Futurity Bronze Trophy Open Champion, NRHA Super Stakes Bronze Trophy Open Champion, NRHA Show Gainesville Texas Open Champion, Solid Gold Futurity Stakes Bronze Trophy Open Champion, NRHA Open World Champion, AQHA World Champion Senior Reining Horse. Equi-Stat Leading Reining Sire 1995/1999 and currently on the NRHA’s All-Time Leading Sire List, siring: ARC OAK ENTERPRISE [OSCAR] ($110,000 in NRHA show, $59,514 in 2004: 1997 ANCR Open Futurity finalist; 1998 ANCR Open Derby finalist, ANCR Twin Run show Novice Horse Champion, APCR La Peschiera Open Champion; 1999 ANCR Ltd Open Maturity Champion, ANCR Open Maturity finalist, NRHA Avignon Bronze Trophy Open Champion, ANCR Spring Classic Open Champion, ANCR Derby Ltd Open Champion, ANCR La Peschiera Open Champion, NRHA European Congress Bronze Trophy Open Champion, WOC European Congress Open Champion, Top Ten NRHA Money earner, NRHA Open’s Champion; 2002 NRHA Open’s Champion; 2003 NRHA World Championship Reserve Champion; 2004 NRHA Mooslargue World Reining Trophy Champion, NRHA Kreuth The Challenge Open Champion, NRHA Augs- burg Americana Open Champion, NRHA Open World Champion; 2007 NRHA Manerbio Open Reserve Champion, Italian RHA Open Reserve Champion of the year. Leading Sire in Italy); ARC ANTARES SURPRISE ($60,000: 1997 ANCR Futurity Open Finalist; 1998 ANCR Derby Open Finalist, ANCR Maturity Open Champion, World Reining Cup Open Champion; 2000 WEG Individual Open Champion, Multiple NRHA Bronze Trophies Win- ner); SAIL ON SURPRISE ($51.883: NRHA Open Futurity 3 rd , Carolina Open Derby 3 rd ); ARC SPARKLE SURPRISE ($45,648 and 82 AQHA points, AQHA Open and Amateur Register of Merit; Superior Reining Regional Experience Senior Reining Champion and Reining Reserve Champion; NRHA Open World Champion; 2002 Gordyville Breeders Cup USEF Champion; 2003 NRBC USEF Champion, USEF Championship Open Champion. Sire of offspring with earnings in excess of $113,000); JERRY LEES SURPRISE ($44.599: NRHA Open Derby Champion, NRHA Open Futurity Finalist, AQHA World Championship Junior Reining 3 rd ), SUPRPISES JAC [COWBOY] ($42.620: NRHA Ltd Open Derby Champion, NRHA Ltd Open Reserve World Champion); ARC SURPRISING SMART ($30,573. 2006 Ital- ian RHA-IRHBA Open Futurity Top 10; 2007 Italian RHA-NRHA Maturity Ltd Open Reserve Champion & Int Open Top 10, Italian RHA Challenge Non Pro 3 rd ; 2008 Italian RHA-NRHA Derby Non Pro Finalist, Italian RHA-NRHA Maturity Non Pro Finalist; 2009 Italian RHA-NRHA Derby Non Pro Finalist, Italian RHA-NRHA Maturity Non Pro Finalist; 2010 Italian RHA-NRHA Maturity Non Pro Top 5, APCR Non Pro Reserve Champion, Italian RHA Non Pro C [\KBۋ][X[KSH]\]H۞HHۈ[\[ێ LHHH\Y\B۞HHۈ[\[ۋ][X[KSHX]\]Hۈ [TԂۈ[\[ێ LH \Xۈ\\H[\[ۋHՐQ\Xۈ K][X[KSHX]\]H۞HHۈ[\[ۋHH\Y\H۞HHۈ  TԈۈ[\[ۊNTTT‘T LN H][X[H]\]Hۈ[[\ ][X[H\Hۈ‘[[\ ][X[HݚXHܜHۈ\\H[\[ێ TԈX]\]Hۂ  ۈT\\H[\[ێ H][X[H[[Y\YHۈ [ ۈ\\H[\[ۋTԈH[ ۈ\\H[\[ۋTԈ[ ۂ[\[ۋH[HY[ۚH[ ۈ[\[ێ ][X[H[[Y\YH[ ۈ\\H[\[ۋTԈۈ[\[ۋ][X[H[ ۂ\\H[\[ێ H \X ۈ\\H[\[ۋTԂۈ\\H[\[ۋTHݚXHY\[\[ۊNTPSSTTB NMN ][X[H]\]H[ [[\[ۈ  [\\H[\[ێŒ H][X[HX]\]Hۈ [ ۈL TԈ[ [[\[ێŒ TԈݚXHܜHۈ\\H[\[ۋTԈۈ[\[ۊNP“PSTTHHSTTHH NK͎Hۈ[[Y\Z][ۙܙ\TRH[[܈Z[[[\[ۈ[H[ۈ\\H[KB[ۊNАHTTH NNMRPԈ]\]H[[\[ۊNUHTVH TRB[TRH\\HY[[[܈[\[[\[ۋY[[[܈XY[[\[ۋ\\HY[ܚ[RܜH[\[ۊNTTHSTRST KL[ HTRH[ΈݚXH[\\H[\[ۈ]H[YX[KB[YJNTUTTH K  Έ ][X[H[[H]\]H[ [[[\ [ H][X[KSHX]\]Hۈ[[\ LHH \XL LTԈݚXHܜHۈ[\[ۋTԈۈ\\H[\[ۋ][X[Hۈ  NUTSSTTH  ΈTRHY\\وY\][[[[\[ NNMTRHܛ[\[ۜ\[[܈Z[[]\[Z[[]\]B[\[ۋݚXH[\\H[\[ۈ]H]\]\]KܝܝB[\\H[\[ۈ[\[H[\H  NTVHUTT B[HΈ NNN]\]H[ H [[H]\]H[\ۘH  NNNHRPݚXHܜH\H[[\[ۋRP]\]H\Hۈ[\[ێ ۘH\\ۈ[\[ۋRP[[H]\]Hۈ[\[ۋRP\Hۈ\\H[\[ۋ[\\H[\[ۈ[ۘXH]Y\KRPX]\]H[[\[ۋRP]][[\XX[\[[[\[ۋRPS\XXX[\[[\[ۋ\Z]RPX\ۈ][X[[\[ێ Xۙ\\Hۈ\\H[\[ۋRPX]\]H[\\H[\[ۂ[[\[ێ SH]][Hۈ[\[ۋRP[ۙH[][[[[\ ]\X[[\[ۜ\ۈ[\[ۋS‘\H\Hۈ\\H[\[ۋ ܙH\ݙYS\Bۈ\\H[\[ۋ\Z]SX\ۈۈ][X[[\[ۋ L pKB\X][H\ۘHۈ[\[ۋ]\]HS\[[ݘHۈ[\[ۈ  TRHY\\وY\]  HY\\وY\] ]\X[[\[ۜ\ۂ[\[ۋ Y\\وY\]TRK Y\\وY\]JNTHQPRS MN ][X[H[\\H[\[ێ ][X[H\B[[\[ۊNTTHRS ͋ ][X[H]\]H[ۈ™[[\ NTPSSӑ NNNHH\X[YY\]\]H[[\[ۊKTUHTTH ][X[HY]\]H[[\[ۊKSx&TTNHQQKHٙ[]HX\Yݙ\ [Z[[˜[][[ NNKHTRH[ˈHۈوH NM K  K MH[]\]H[\[ۋHۈ[  H[و[YKTRH\\Hܛ[\[ۈ[[܈][ܜK\\[܈][ˈ[\]ZH][[YHXY[][”\K\[HX\\وݙ\ ML [Y[ΈH Hܛ[\[ۊN‘HPS NH[\\Z\[\[ۊNRTPSHH Bۈ]\]H\\H[\[ۊNHP Hۈܛ[\[ۈ[[ۋ\\Hܛ[\[ۊNPTSHH Hۈ\H[\[ۊNRTBHۈ]\]H[\[ۊN HۈUܛ[\[ۊNB L H\\Z\[\[ۊNHTSH MMMPH[]\]H\\H[\[ۊNHUS M LΈH[[[HT\\B[\[ۋH K L ݚXHܛ[\[ۊNSPH K MNHܛ[\[ۜ\[ۘYH]]\]H[\[ۊKH[NHY[HHYYK[HَXۙ[KH][N  [H ][X[H]\]BHYHT\\H[\[ێ’XۙY[H][N L][X[KSH]\]H[[[\ ]\X[H]\]H S[  LH][X[KSH\H[ ̂[[\ H]\X[]\]H[ [[\ L][X[KSH\H“H[ H