Reiner of Europe Best in Europe Mare Register 2016 - Page 47

PRODUCE RECORD: 2009 - SHE HUNTER by Be A Smart Hunter 2012 - HYPNOTIC CAT by Spooks Smokin Cat 2013 - SOUNDS SMOOTH by Smooth As A Cat SHOW RECORD: $4,782 in NCHA show; The Non Pro 4YO Non Pro finalist; 2002 AICH Maturity Open 4 th , Manerbio AICH 5/6YO Open Reserve Cham- pion; 2003 AICH Maturity Limited Non Pro 6 th , Manerbio AICH 5/6YO Open 5 th ; 2004 Reggio Emilia AICH Trophy Non Pro finalist, Asola AICH Twin Run Jackpot Open Champion, Americana ECHA Championship Non Pro Top Ten; 2005 AICH Manerbio Limited Open Reserve Champion, Manerbio AICH Derby Show Limited Open Reserve Champion, AICH Maturity Limited Open Champion. SIRE: CD OLENA, lifetime earnings of $170,706. 1994 NCHA Futurity 3YO Open Champion, 1995 NCHA Horse of the year, Chislom Trail Derby 4YO Open Reserve Champion, NCHA Summer Spectacular 4YO Open Cham- pion. Equi-Stat All Times Cutting Leading Sires Top 10 and Reined Cow Horse Sires Top 20, sire of offspring with earnings in excess of $15,800,000, including producers with get earnings in excess of $13,000,000 including: CD LIGHTS ($242,448: AQHA points earner, NCHA World Champion Stallion & Reserve World Champion Horse; 2002 NCHA Futurity 3YO Open finalist; 2003 Suncoast Futurity 4YO Open Champion, Brazos Bash 4YO Open Champion, Bonanza Cutting 4YO Open Reserve Champion, Abilene Spectacular 4YO Open semifinalist; 2004 Bonanza Cutting 5/6YO Open finalist, Western Horseman Cup Finals Open finalist, Augusta Futurity 5/6YO Open finalist, Abilene Spectacular 5/6YO Open finalist; 2005 Bonanza Cutting 5/6YO Open Champion, NCHA Summer Spectacular 5/6YO Open finalist, WCTCHA Aged Event 5/6YO Open Champion, Southern Futurity 5/6YO Open 4 th , Music City Futurity 5/6YO Open finalist; 2007 NCHA World Championship Finals Open Champion. 2015 Equi Stat 5 Year Leading Reined Cow Horse Sires Top 15, Lifetime Reined Cow Horse leading Sires Top 25, sire of offspring earning in excess of $3.2 Million); CD DIAMOND ($137,459: 2012 NRCHA Futurity 3YO Open Champion, NSHA Futurity 3YO Open finalist; 2013 NRCHA Derby 4/5YO Open 3 rd ); TURN ON DE LIGHTS ($15,280: 2010 NCHA Futurity 3YO Open semifinalist; 2012 The Non Pro 5/6YO Open finalist). DAM’S SIRE: SMART AND TROUBLE, $2,334, NCHA Certificate of Ability, NCHA Derby Open semi-finalist. Sire of the earners of over $1,400,000, including: SMART MONKEY TROUBLE ($138,412: NCHA Non Pro Classic/ Challenge Reserve Champion, AQHA World Champion Junior Cutting Horse); ALLMYTROUBLESAREOVER (39,819: AQHA World Champion Junior Cutting Horse, NCHA Derby Open Top Ten). Sire of the dams of: KR CON- QUISTADOR ($321,219: NRHA Futurity Open Champion, 2006 NRHA Derby Open Reserve Champion); DANCES IN THE SAND ($80,691: NCHA Amateur Futurity Reserve Champion, NCHA Super Stakes Non Pro finalist); LITTLE LAR- RY ($65,984); ANGELS LITTLE GUNNER ($63,945: NCHA Futurity Open 6 th ); PRETTY IN THE PINK ($50,785: Suncoast Fall Futurity Open Champion). 1 st dam: Dances With Trouble, by Smart And Trouble, $62,598: Gold Coast Classic Challenge Non Pro Champion, El Cid Futurity Open 5 th , Abilene Spectacu- lar Masters 5/6YO Non Pro 5 th . Dam of: Cd Tiny Dancer, by Cd Olena, see above; Cd Sweet Paintedlady, by Cd Olena, $12,614.28 in NCHA show: Memphis Futurity 4YO Non Pro Top Ten, NCHA Super Stakes Non Pro money earner; Dances In The Sand, by Sr Instant Choice, $80,896.01 in NCHA show: NCHA Futurity Amateur Reserve Champion, NCHA Futurity $100K Lim- ited Non Pro Reserve Champion and finalist in the NCHA Super Stakes Non Pro, Memphis 4YO Non Pro 6 th , semi-finalist in the NCHA Futurity Non Pro, PCCHA Classic Challenge Open Top Ten, Abilene Spectacu- lar 4YO Non Pro finalist, NCHA Super Stakes Limited Non Pro 4 th , Idaho CHA Classic Challenge finalist; Cd Black Eyed Susie, by Cd Olena, $1,803.61 in NCHA show; Dance Inthe Boonlite, by Peptoboonsmal, $2,804.81 in NCHA show, AQHA Open Performance 96 points earner: 2008 Open Performance Register of Merit, Open Qualified Jr Cutting World Show; 2009 Open Qualified Sr Cutting World Show, Open High Point Sr Cutting 4 th ; 2012 Open Qualified Sr Heeling World Show, Open Qualified Sr Heading World Show; Instantly N Trouble, by Sr Instant Choice, $634.02 in NCHA show. 2 nd DAM’S SIRE: PEPPY SAN BADGER (1974), NCHA Hall of Fame, lifetime earnings in excess of $172,000: 1977 NCHA 3YO Futurity Open Champi- on; 1978 NCHA 4YO Open Champion, 1980 NCHA Open Reserve World Champion. The Equi Stat #6 All Time Leading Sire of Cutting Horse money earners, with earnings in excess of $25,400,000, including producers with get earnings in excess of $149,000,000. Peppy San Badger offspring includes: LITTLE BADGER DULCE ($668,461: # 2 All Time Leading Mon- ey Earning Mare, NCHA Horse of the Year; 1992 NCHA Futurity Reserve Champion; 1993 NCHA Super Stakes 4YO Champion; 1995 NCHA Open Reserve World Champion); HAIDAS LITTLE PEP ($425,174: 1983 NCHA Futurity Open Reserve Champion, NCHA Reserve World Champion, NCHA Open Finals Co-Champion, NCHA Open Challenge Reserve Champi- on); LITTLE TENINA ($394,315: 1991 NCHA Open Futurity Champion and Derby Champion, NCHA Finals Champion); BRIGAPEP ($320,081: NCHA Non Pro Futurity Champion); DUAL PEP ($313,192: Bonanza Cutting 4YO Champion, Memphis Futurity 4YO Reserve Champion, Wrangler Futurity 4YO Non Pro Reserve Champion, Memphis Futurity 5YO Open Reserve Champion, Augusta Futurity 5/6YO Open Co-Champion, NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular 5YO Open Champion, PCCHA Derby 5/6YO Open Champion, NCHA Open Classic/Challenge Champion. The NCHA #5 All Time Leading Sire, siring earners of $25,400,000); CD CHICA SAN BADGER ($279,038 NCHA); OKAY PEPPY ($277,197, NCHA Open Futurity 7 th ); PEPPY PLAYS FOR CASH ($265,790: 2003 NCHA Non Pro Super Stakes Champion); DELTA FLYER ($260,203: 1985 NCHA Futurity Semi Finalist; 1986 NCHA Super Stakes Open Champion); IMARI TARI ($254,915: ACCHA Futurity 4YO Open Champion; NCHA Super Stakes Classic Open Champion; Bonanza 4YO Open Reserve Champion); AMANDO PEPPY ($256,848: NCHA Non-Pro World Champion); Peppy San Badger is also #3 All Time Cutting Leading Paternal Grandsire and #4 All Time Cutting Leading Maternal Grandsire, #4 All Time Reining Leading Paternal Grandsire and #8 All Time Reining Leading Maternal Grandsire. 2 nd dam: Peppy Sandria by Peppy San Badger. …΄½˜θ)I••5”A•ΑΑ䰁‰δI••5”I½…Έ½Œ°€Δ°ΰΰΰΈΐЁ…Ή€ΔάܸԁE!)Α½₯ΉΡΜ°E!]½Ι±M‘½ά΅…Ρ•ΥȀԁѠ€°E!MΥΑ•Ι₯½Θ°€ΔδδΰE!)΅…Ρ•ΥȁMΥΑ•Ι₯½ΘQ•…΄A•ΉΉ₯Ήœ°€Δδδ؁E!=Α•ΈMΥΑ•Ι₯½ΘQ•…΄)A•ΉΉ₯Ήœ°€Δδδ́E!΅…Ρ•ΥȁA•Ι™½Ι΅…Ή”I•₯Νѕȁ½˜5•Ι₯Π€˜=Α•Έ)A•Ι™½Ι΅…Ή”I•₯Νѕȁ½˜5•Ι₯Πμ)MΑΙ…ΡΡ₯Έ°‰δ½Šé)…¬MΑΙ…Π°€Τ°ΜΠ䁅Ή€ΘΐE!Α½₯ΉΡΜθΥΝΡΙ₯…Έ) ±…ΝΝ₯Œ=Α•Έ€ΜΙ€°9I!•Ι΅…Ήδ Ι••‘•ΊΥΡΥΙ₯Ρδ=Α•Έ™₯Ή…±₯ΝΠ°€Θΐΐΐ)E!=Α•ΈA•Ι™½Ι΅…Ή”I•₯Νѕȁ½˜5•Ι₯Πμ)…Ή•Μ]₯Ρ QΙ½Υ‰±”°‰δM΅…ΙЁΉQΙ½Υ‰±”°Ν•”…‰½Ω”μ) ΙΥ•±±„Ω₯±±”°‰δM΅…ΙЁ ‘₯Œ=±•Ή„°€ΜΜ°ΤΜΐθUΡ…  ! ½΅΅ΥΉ₯Ρδ)AΙ•Ν́ ±…ΝΝ₯Œ9½ΈAΙΌ ‘…΅Α₯½Έ°9 !]•ΝΡ•ΙΈ9…Ρ₯½Ή…±Μ€ΔΑ,9½Ψ΄)₯” ‘…΅Α₯½Έ°•ΉΩ•Θ9…Ρ₯½Ή…°]•ΝΡ•ΙΈ1₯Ω•ΝΡ½¬M‘½ά=Α•Έ€ΜΙ€μ) …­‘Ι…™Π!₯­½Ι䰁‰δ½Šé!₯­½Ιδ°€ΰ°ΐΠΜΈΰ聙₯Ή…±₯ΝЁ₯ΈΡ‘”9 !)•Ι‰δ9½ΈAΙΌμ)MΥɍ₯Ή±”°‰δΙ•­±•Μ±½ε°9I!΅½Ή•δ•…ΙΉ•Θ…ΉE!=Α•Έ)A•Ι™½Ι΅…Ή”Α½₯ΉΡ́•…ΙΉ•Θμ)M…Ή‘Ι₯…±•Ή„°‰δA½ΌM…Έ1•Ή„°E!΅…Ρ•ΥȁA•Ι™½Ι΅…Ή”€ΘΤΈΤ)Α½₯ΉΡ́•…ΙΉ•Θμ€ΘΐΐΰE!΅…Ρ•ΥȁEΥ…±₯™₯•!••±₯ΉœM•±•Π]½Ι±)M‘½άμ€ΘΐΐδE!΅…Ρ•ΥȁEΥ…±₯™₯•Q₯”΅½έΈI½Α₯ΉœM•±•Π]½Ι±)M‘½άμ€ΘΐΔΐE!΅…Ρ•ΥȁA•Ι™½Ι΅…Ή”I•₯Νѕȁ½˜5•Ι₯Πμ€ΘΐΔΔ)E!΅…Ρ•ΥȁEΥ…±₯™₯•!••±₯ΉœM•±•Π]½Ι±M‘½άμ€ΘΐΔȁE!)΅…Ρ•ΥȁEΥ…±₯™₯• Ι•…­…έ…δI½Α₯Ήœ]½Ι±M‘½ά…ΉE!΅…Ρ•ΥΘ)EΥ…±₯™₯•Q₯”΅½έΈI½Α₯Ήœ]½Ι±M‘½άμ€ΘΐΔ́E!΅…Ρ•ΥȁEΥ…±₯™₯•) Ι•…­έ…δI½Α₯ΉœM•±•Π]½Ι±M‘½ά…ΉE!΅…Ρ•ΥȁEΥ…±₯™₯•)Q₯”΅½έΈI½Α₯ΉœM•±•Π]½Ι±M‘½άμ)‰½Ω”Q‘”I•΄°‰δI•΅₯Ή₯Œ°9I!΅½Ή•δ•…ΙΉ•Θθ€Θΐΐā% •Ι‰δ)=Α•Έ™₯Ή…±₯ΝΠ°% ΥΙ½΅…ΝѕȁI•₯Ό΅₯±₯„€Ρe<=Α•ΈQ½ΐQ•Έμ(Θΐΐȁ% 5•΅½Ι₯…°A₯…ιι€€Ωe<=Α•Έ€ΤΡ €°5…Ή•Ι‰₯Ό% €ΤΌΩe<=Α•Έ(́ɐ€μ€ΘΐΐЁI•₯Ό΅₯±₯„9I!%ΉΡ•Ι΅•‘₯…Ρ”=Α•Έ…Ή1₯΅₯Ρ•=Α•Έ(ԁѠ€μ)EΥ₯¬Ʌ܁A•ΐ°‰δe½ΥΉœΥΈ°€ΰ°ΨΜΐΈΨ́₯Έ9 !Ν‘½άμ !½˜)9•‰Ι…Ν­„ΥΡΥΙ₯Ρ䀐ΤΑ,9½ΈAΙΌ€ΠΡ €Έ