Reiner of Europe Best in Europe Mare Register 2016 - Page 45

PRODUCE RECORD: 2001 - HIT IT OUT by Playing It Out, $2,668.43 in NRHA show: 2006 LR Novice Rider Champion, Italian RHA Summer Slide Novice Rider Champion 2002 - SPAT A BLUE by Spat Olena, +$80,000 in NRHA show: 2009 Swiss CS Classic Open Top 10, France Mooslargue CRI Champion (score 146); 2010 NRHA Swiss CS Classic Bronze Trophy Open 5 th (score 223,5), Italian RHA Manerbio CRI Open Champi- on (score 220), Italian RHA Manerbio Novice Horse Open 3 rd , Italian RHA-NRHA Maturity Open 5 th (go round leader score 225,5), Kentucky Lexington WEG Team Bronze Medal- list; 2011 NRHA Non Pro World Champion ($ 31,288.95: the highest payout in a NRHA Non Pro Championship), NRHA European Affiliate Championships Non Pro European Champion; 2012 NRHA Non Pro World Reserve Champion, Equità Lyon Grand Prix Open/Non Pro Champion; 2013 NRHA European Affiliate Non Pro Champion 2005 - ROOSTEROSOPHY by Ricochet Rooster, $1,485.52 in NRHA show, AQHA Novice Amateur Performance points earner; 2008 Italian RHA Prefuturity Intermediate Open 6 th ; 2009 Italian RHA Challenge Futurity Intermediate Open 6 th , Caluso Italian RHA Novice Horse Open Reserve Champion, Italian RHA-NRHA Derby Intermediate Open finalist, Italian RHA Futurity 4YO Limited Non Pro finalist; 2010 Italian RHA Youth Reserve Champion, Italian RHA-NRHA Derby Intermediate Non Pro & Limited Non Pro finalist; 2012 NRHA European Derby Open L1 finalist; 2013 Italian RHA-NRHA Maturity Open L1/2 finalist, Italian RHA-NRHA Maturity Non Pro L1/2 finalist 2006 - SPAT SPLIT AND WHITE by Spat Olena, $75,225.37 in NRHA show, NRHA Bronze Trophy multi-winner: 2009 Italian RHA-NRHA Futurity Open 3 rd & Int. Open Champion, Italian RHA Prefuturity Snaffle Bit Open top ten & Int. Open 3 rd ; 2010 Italian RHA Chal- lenge Futurity Open 4 th , Italian RHA-NRHA Derby Open 3 rd ; 2011 NRHA Caluso Bronze Trophy Open Champion, Italian RHA Open Champion of the year; 2012 NRHA 23 Classic Bronze Trophy Open 3 rd , Italian RHA-NRHA Derby Open L4 Champion, Italian RHA-NRHA Maturity Open L4 Finalist, NRHA Grand Prix Reining Lawson Trophy Equità Lyon 3 rd , NRHA European Derby Open L4 Top Ten; 2013 FEI Reining European Champi- onship Silver Medal, Team Italy; 2014 NRHA 23 Classic Winter Show Open 5 th 2008 - CUSTOM ME SOFTLY by Custom Pistol 2009 - WHIZ A BLUE by Topsail Whiz, NRHA money earner: 2013 LR Futurity 4YO Open Top Ten, Americana NRHA Futurity Open 4YO Top Ten; 2014 NRHA European Derby Open L3 finalist; 2015 Italian RHA Maturity Open Top Ten and Intermediate Open 3 rd , Italian RHA-NRHA Derby Open L2 Reserve Champion and L3 5 th 2010 - STEP MAGIC by Wimpys Little Step, AQHA Novice Youth Performance point earner 2011 - BLUE SPLIT AND ME by Spat Olena: 2015 NRHA European Futurity 4YO Open L2 finalist; 2016 Italian RHA-NRHA Derby Non Pro L1 finalist 2011 - SPOOK A TONIC by Smart Spook, embryo transfer 2012 - CROMED ME MAY BE by Cromed Out Mercedes: 2015 Italian RHA-NRHA Futurity 3YO Open L2 Top Ten 2013 - WHIZATRONIC by Topsail whiz 2014 - SPLIT SPAT AND WHITE by Spat Olena 2015 - SPLITALICIOUS by Spat Olena 2016 - colt by Magnum Chic Dream SHOW RECORD: 1998 ANCR Futurity Non Pro Champion; 1999 Ancr Derby Non Pro e Ltd Non Pro finalist. SIRE: SURPRISE ENTERPRISE, (1985) $44.873 in reining shows and 25 AQHA points, NRHA Open World Champion, AQHA World Champion Senior Reining Horse. 1988 NRHA Open Futurity 6 th ; 1989 NRHA Open Super Stakes Champion, NRHA Open Derby 3 rd ; 1990 NRHA Congress Open Reserve Champion; 1990 Lazy E Classic Open Reserve Champion, Lazy E Classic Bronze Trophy Open Champion, NRHA Show Marietta Okla- homa Open Champion, Southwest RHA Futurity Bronze Trophy Open Champion, NRHA Super Stakes Bronze Trophy Open Champion, NRHA Show Gainesville Texas Open Champion, Solid Gold Futurity Stakes Bronze Trophy Open Champion, NRHA Open World Champion, AQHA World Champion Senior Reining Horse. Equi-Stat Leading Reining Sire 1995/1999 and currently on the NRHA’s All-Time Leading Sire List, siring: ARC OAK ENTERPRISE [OSCAR] ($110,000 in NRHA show, $59,514 in 2004: 1997 ANCR Open Futurity finalist; 1998 ANCR Open Derby finalist, ANCR Twin Run show Novice Horse Champion, APCR La Peschiera Open Champion; 1999 ANCR Ltd Open Maturity Champion, ANCR Open Maturity finalist, NRHA Avignon Bronze Trophy Open Champi- on, ANCR Spring Classic Open Champion, ANCR Derby Ltd Open Champion, ANCR La Peschiera Open Champion, NRHA European Congress Bronze Trophy Open Cham- pion, WOC European Congress Open Champion, Top Ten NRHA Money earner, NRHA Open’s Champion; 2002 NRHA Open’s Champion; 2003 NRHA World Championship Reserve Champion; 2004 NRHA Mooslargue World Reining Trophy Champion, NRHA Kreuth The Challenge Open Champion, NRHA Augsburg Americana Open Champi- on, NRHA Open World Champion; 2007 NRHA Manerbio Open Reserve Champion, Italian RHA Open \\H[\[ۈوHYX\XY[\H[][JNTSTT”TTH  NNMSԈ]\]H[[[\ NNNSԈ\H[[[\ SԈX]\]H[[\[ۋܛZ[[\[[\[ێ Q’[]YX[[[\[ۋ][\HH۞HY\[\NRSӈTTB LK ΈH[]\]H  \[H[\H  NTTHTTB K [ TRH[TRH[[[X]]\Y\\وY\]\\[܂Z[[Y[ۘ[^\Y[H[[܈Z[[[\[ۈ[Z[[\\H[KB[ێH[ܛ[\[ێ ܙ][HYY\\TQ[\[ێŒ TQ[\[ۋTQ[\[ۜ\[[\[ۋ\Hوٙ[]X\[[^\و LL NTHQTTTH NNNH[\B[\[ۋH[]\]H[[\ TRHܛ[\[ۜ\[[܈Z[[  KTTTPГWH H[\H[\[ۋH[\\Hܛ[\[ۊNTTTSPT MΈ][\H[[\[Z[B[XX[][ H۞HHۈ[\ [NTTTT LN][\H[[\[Z[[XX[][ TԈ][\Hۈ[\[ۈ \\H[\[ۋ THݚXHY\[\[ۊNTPSSTTB NMN ][X[H]\]H[ [[\[ۈ  [\\H[KB[ێ H][X[HX]\]Hۈ [ ۈL TԈ[ [[\[ێ TԈݚXHܜHۈ\\H[\[ۋTԈۈ[\[ۊNPPSTTHHSTTHH NK͎Hۈ[[Y\Z][ۙܙ\TRH[[܈Z[[[\[ۈ[H[ۈ\\H[\[ۊNАHTTH NNMRPԈ]\]H[[\[ۊNTVHUTT H[HΈ TRH][Y\\وY\]  HY\\وY\] NTHQPRS MN ][X[H[\\H[\[ێ ][X[H\H[[\[ۊNTTBRS ͋ ][X[H]\]H[ۈ[[\ NTPSSӑ NNNHH\X[YY\]\]H[[\[ۊKTUHTTH ][X[HY]\]H[[\[ۊKH[NYHZH&\Z LLK  NN H]\]H[[\[ێ NN RPԈ]\]H[[\[ۋ[HَZ\Z[YKHZ[N NNLHH]\]H[[[\ NNLRPԈ\Hۈ  RPԈY[[Z[XHۈ[\[ێTY\ۘ\ Hۘ\\[\ NNLYY\]\]HۈKB\H[\[ۋSԈ\Hۈ  [HَZ[[\\KH\\H[\\N HSԈ]\]Hۈ[KB[ۋSԈ]\]Hۈ[\[ێTY[Hۙ[Y[[HَY[\[ZHY[\[\N TRH[]Y[[\][ۘ[[X]\]Z]][ۋTRH[\ܛX[H[X\\TRH[]\ܛX[H[X\\TY^YYY[H[Z[HY[ NNMHSԈ]\]H[ [[[\ NNMSԈ\H[[\[ۈ [\\H[\[ۋ[[\[[\[ۋSԈYX\[[[\[ۋ[Y\X[HZ[Z\[[\[ۋXY[\H[][NT[Z[HZH[Z[HY[ N [HTRH[\ܛX[H MH[X\\TRH[X]]\\ܛX[HH[X\\ NNNTRH[]\X[[\[ۜ\[[܈Z[[ L TRH[\BܛX[HY\\وY\]TZ[\\KH\\H[\\KYHXݙNTH\\KH\\H[\\KYHXݙNT\ZHZH\\H[\\KTRH[X\\ K H[HΈ NNNHSԈ]\]H[Z]Y[[[\ SԈ\Hۈ”\\H[\[ۋSԈ[ [Z]Y[[\[ۋTԋԑܜ\•Hۈ\\H[\[ێT^\YKH^Z[]]   [HTRH[[\[X\\ TRH[\ܛX[HY\\وY\] ][X[B]\]Hۈ[\[ێT\\HZH\\H[\\K K K [HTRH[\ܛX[H H[X\\TYZH܈[X[[ۙ ͋H[H MK š[HTRH[\ܛX[H MˍH[X\\TRH[X]]\\ܛX[H [X\\ TRH]\X[[[܈ܚ[ܜB[\[ۋTRH]\X[[[܈Z[[  X[\[][X[HݚXBܜH[\\H[\[ۋTKSHY]\]H[ H [Y\X[BH[Z]Y[[[\ [Y\X[H\H[[[\ [Y\X[HTB[Hܚ[ܜHܙK[Y\X[HTH]\]H[ H TRB[Y[[\][ۘ[ܚ[ܜKTRH[\ܛX[BY\\وY\] ][X[KSH\H[\YYX]H[[[\ TRB[]X[YYYܛܚ[ܜN LY[[Z[XH][X[BH[\YYX]H[T\\H[\[ۋ][X[HYY\\\B[\[ۋH[Z]Y[[\[ێ LHܙ]]\X[HH[\YKBX]H[ [Z]Y[[\[ێ LTRH[X]]\Y[[\KB[ۘ[Z[[[Y[[\][ۘ[܈Z[[[X]]\]X[YYYZ[[•ܛ[X]]\]\X[[\[ۜ\Z[[  [X]]\\ܛX[BY\\وY\] LTRH[X]]\]X[YYYZ[[ܛT]\YH H\\H[\\K [HΈ H][X[KSH\H[\YYX]H[[[\ ][X[KSHX]\]H[\YYKB]H[[[\