Reiner of Europe Best in Europe Mare Register 2016 - Page 37

SHOW RECORD: 2013 Italian RHA-NRHA Futurity Non Pro L2 4 th , L3 6 th , L4 finalist. SIRE: SPOOKS GOTTA GUN (2002) $81,638 and 19 AQHA points: 2005 Rocky Moun- tain Reining Summer Slide Futurity 3YO Open Finalist, APHA World Show 3YO Open Reining Challenge 4 th , Southwest Open Reining Futurity Top 10; 2006 Texas Cowboy Capital Classic Reining Novice Open Champion, All American Reining Classic 4/5/6YO 3 rd , Open and Intermediate Open finalist; 2007 finalist in the NRHA Derby Intermediate Open, APHA World Show Junior Reining Champion; 2008 Reining By The Bay Derby 4/5/6YO Open Champion, MECW Futurity Reining 4/5/6YO Open Reserve Champion, High Roller Derby 4/5/6YO Open Co-Reserve Champion, Las Vegas Rein- ing Classic Derby Reserve Champion, Rancho Murietta Spectacular Derby Reserve Champion, NRHA Derby Open 3 rd , AQHA Register of Merit; 2009 AQHA World Show Senior Reining 3 rd . Half brother to COLONELS SMOKING GUN ($177,386: NRHA Hall of Fame, Leading sire). 2015 Equi Stat top 15 for Leading Reining Sires, with offspring earnings in excess of $781,944, and a NRHA Top 12 Leading Sire, siring: SPOOKS GOTTA WHIZ ($346,557: 2010 NRHA Futurity 3YO Open Champion, High Roller Fu- turity 3YO Open Reserve Champion, Reining By The Bay 3YO Open 3 rd ; 2011 NRBC 4/5/6YO Open finalist, NRHA Derby 4/5/6YO Open finalist; 2012 NRBC 4/5/6YO Open Champion; 2012 Equi-Stat Leading Reining 4/6-Year-Old Open money earner); THE KIDS GOTTA GUN ($90,172: finalist in the 2013 NRHA Open Futurity, NRBC Open Der- by Top 10, Congress Open Reining Futurity 3 rd ); SPOOKS GOTTA RUN ($67,996, AQHA Register of Merit & Incentive money earner: 2011 NRHA Futurity 3YO Limited Non Pro Champion 6 Intermediate Non Pro 3 rd , SW RHA Futurity 3YO Limited Non Pro & Prime Time Non Pro Champion; 2012 NRBC 4/5/6YO Limited Open Reserve Champion & Open finalist); DUN LOST MY GUN $45,060: finalist in the 2013 NRHA Non Pro Futurity, Heritage Non Pro Futurity Champion); WALLA WALLA GUNSHINE ($21,324: finalist in the 2013 NRHA Open Futurity). DAM’S SIRE: ARC SPARKLE SURPRISE $45,648 and 82 AQHA points, AQHA Open and Amateur Register of Merit; Superior Reining Regional Experience Senior Reining Champion and Reining Reserve Champion; 1997 ANCR Prefuturity Open Reserve Champion, NRHA Open World Champion, NRHA Open Saddlesmith Series Champi- on; 1999 AQHA World Championship Senior Reining 3 rd , USEF Festival of Champions Futures Open Champion, NRBC USEF Qualifying Champion and Futures Qualifying Champion; 2002 Gordyville Breeders Cup USEF Champion; 2003 NRBC USEF Cham- pion, USEF Championship Open Champion, Fort Worth Stock Show NRHA Open and AQHA Open Reining Champion, Governors Classic Open Champion, Tradition Futu- rity Open Champion, Gordyville Breeders Cup Open Champion, Open Saddlesmith Champion at the NRHA Derby. Sire of offspring with earnings in excess of $113,000. Brother to ARC MAGIC ENTERPRISE ($50,444: NRHA Limited Non Pro Futurity Champi- on, Italian RHA Open Maturity Champion). Sire of offspring with earnings in excess of $90,900, including DUNNITS SURPRISE ($23,227: Stallion Select Open Reining Stakes Champion, Stallion Select Open to the World Open Futurity Co-Reserve Champion, Sandhills Slide Open Futurity Champion); MB DIAMOND SANBADGER ($20,996: Italian Reining Challenge Open Derby Champion, Italian RHA Open Futurity 3 rd , Italian RHA Derby Open 6 th ); LITTLE SPARK LENA ($7,836 and 47 AQHA points; Italian Reining Challenge Intermediate Open Derby Reserve Champion and 5 th ); JEWELS LIL SPAR- KLE ($7,760: finalist in the NRHA Intermediate Open Futurity and NRHA Intermediate Open Derby); DOUBLE THIS SURPRISE ($6,815: 2008 NRHA Limited Non Pro Derby Top Ten); SPARKLING LIL LADY (AQHA High Point International Senior Reining Champion). 1 st dam: Vanilla Sparkle, by Arc Sparkle Surprise. 2 nd DAM’S SIRE: SNAPPER CAL BAR (1981), over $260,000 and 12 AQHA points, AQHA Open Performance Register of Merit and award Winner, NCHA Certificate of Ability: 1984 NCHA Futurity Non Pro Champion and NCHA Futurity Open Finalist; 1985 NCHA Derby Open Co-Champion, Bonanza Cutting 4YO Non Pro Champion, PCCHA Cut- ting Stakes 4YO Non Pro Champion, PCCHA Derby 4YO Non Pro Champion, NCHA Summer Spectacular 4YO Open Co-Champion; 1987 Reno Celebrity Cutting Classic 6YO Non Pro Reserve Champion, NCHA Classic Challenge 6YO Non Pro Reserve Champion; multi Champion Open in cutting classes in USA and Europe. Ranking in the Equi Stat Leading Reining Paternal & Maternal Grandsires, sire of offspring with earnings in excess of $400,000 in AQHA, NCHA and NRHA shows, and AQHA 388 points earners, including: MASTER SNAPPER ($135,000, Triple Crown Reining: 2004 APCR Snaffle-Bit Open Champion, Italian RHA-IRHBA Futurity Open Champion (leader in first and second go-round); 2005 Italian RHA Derby Open Champion, Italian RHA Maturity Open Champion (score 229,5), Italian Top Award; 2005 Horse of The Year; 2006 NRHA Derby Open/Int. Open/Ltd. Open Champion, Americana Top Honour Award; Master Snapper has been the first horse from Europe to go in the U.S. and compete in the NRHA Derby; a Leading Reining Sire, siring offspring with earnings over $257,841,); MR SNAPPLE ($25.000: 2000 ANCR Futurity Open 3 rd , APCR Open Futurity 3 rd ; 2001 ANCR Spring Classic Open 4 th , ANCR Derby Open Finalist, ANCR Ma- turity Open Finalist, NRHA Manerbio Open Reserve Champion, ANCR Reggio Emilia Open Reserve Champion; 2002 ANCR Pontedera Open Reserve Champion, ANCR Open Derby 5 th , ANCR Maturity Open 7 th , NRHA European Affiliate Ope &W6W'fP6$Vv'&RG&VBF$W&6'&RG&VbF#2$vW&'&VVFW'2FW&'V6#R6&wVP$v&B&VrG&VFFƖ$VV"VB6㰣#b#26762$VRFb$BV6$&6vW7BЦW&fW7Ff'&RG&V2&B$W&6v7BFR&W7BbFRv&BbF$242RUBCRÃsCFƖ$gWGW&G&6⓲RP4U"557WGFrgWGW&GV6⓲4U"UD047WGFr6VvRgWGW&GV6⓲5tTUDŒ4U"p4gWGW&GV6gWGW&G7WGFrV6&VgWGRЧ&GV&W6W'fR64FW&'V64FW&'V64FƖV"VBV6#4FƖV VBV6⓲$25UEDU25"gWGW&GFBV6Ц⓲$245UEDU"B5"gWGW&GV&W6W'fR6R5 VFW&'2&B&WVbW7G&u$2V6"BFӠW6&"'6W"6&"C2sR3b$6sr5"gWGW&GV&W6W'fR65"FW&'V6Fc6'BFGFRWFW&f&6RG2V&W"BRÃsB3R$6s#RFƖ$6ffR&B&6"&BgWGW&G&&RЧ6W'fR6"&BgWGW&GFW&VFFR&&W6W'fR6FƖ$gWGW&GFW&VFFR&fƗ7C#b"W&&WF6W&&FƖ$f6R'6R&2&B"B&G&&W6W'fP6"WF6FƖ$GW&G&BFbB&2&BFƖ$$6VvRgWGW&G&BFbB&2&B'&67B&#"$WW&V&VgWGW&GVBFFV#2FƖ$$gWGW&GEV"fƗ7B$gWGW&GEV&W6W'fR6Ч#BFƖ$$VFW&'"fƗ7B2&BFӠ'&WGG2F&'F2F&fW"C3RR4gWGW&G6V֒fƗ7B4GW&GV6Fc"6RC#R#5"gWGW&GV2&B5"VgWGW&G2&B#5"7&r6762VBF5"FW&'VfƗ7B5"GW&GVfƗ7B$W&&V&W6W'fR65"&VvvV֖ƖV&W6W'fR6#"5"FVFW&V&W6W'fR65"VFW&'RF5"GW&GVrF$WW&VffƖFRV&W6W'fR6$Vv'&RG&VBF$W&6'&RG&VbF#2$vW&'&VVFW'2FW&'V6㰣#R6&wVR$v&B&VrG&VFFƖ$VॖV"VB6#b#26762$VRFb$BV6Ч$&6vW7FW&fW7Ff'&RG&V2&B$W&6v7BFR&W7BbFRv&BbFW6&"'6W"6&"6VR&fS66BF&'vVVR&VG6W&f&6RG2V&W#F&2Vv7'6W"6&"#"5"D5"gWGW&GV2&BF`$Vv7v#2$g&6RgWGW&G2EVBBF$g&6R6ffR&BVB66$g&6R6ffR&B&B&W6W'fR6B6㰥66W"'6W"6&"#R$vW&'&VVFW'2FW&'V666&R##R6'2F&'"6'6#b$$ԕ$$VgWGW&GbFBFFӠ'&WGN( 2&&R'&V7W&RFbf26VFs'&WGG2Ɩ&'&fW76.( 2Ɩ&C33246s"V4&7WGFrFW&'BFFc'&WGG2&"'&"7&RF2C2sS46s'&WGG2F&'F2F&6VR&fS'&WGG2W76R'v&6W76RG2V&W#"VVƖfV@FVVrv&B6sVƖW2W76R'v&6W76RC2#$46rG2V&W#bFWW"VƖfVBv&r6r'6Rv&B6s'&WGG2&VVG'F>( 2&VVGG2V&W#"VVƖfV@FVVrv&B6s2VVƖfVBFVVrv&B6sBVW&f&6R&Vv7FW"bW&CF2&&R'FF3rV&FFV'6V&6&Fp&w&