Reiner of Europe Best in Europe Mare Register 2016 - Page 12

The Art of Making a Custom Saddle Each of our saddles is individually handcrafted with one type of buyer in mind... the discriminating horseman or horsewoman who demands the very best for themselves and insists on the very best of equipment for their horses. We strive diligently to listen attentively and carefully to the needs, wants and desires of those we serve before a saddle’s construction is begun. As your needs change our designs and methods will change to accommodate your requirements. Saddle Tree: Everything begins with the saddle tree. It's the foundation for the saddle; the frame upon which everything else is built. Without a high quality tree, you'll never have a high quality saddle. Rawhide covering is the traditional material, Lesser quality coverings include canvas, cheesecloth, and poorer quality hides. New fiberglass coatings are more expensive but most appreciated among top saddlemakers. The result is an exceptionally strong tree that still retains an amount of flexibility. We use the very best Fiberglass covered trees designed and patented by us. Saddle makers estimate that over 80% of today's horses have conformation that will comfortably fit them in either a standard semi- quarter horse or full-quarter horse tree. For most buyers, fit won't be an issue. The bigger challenge will be making sure you choose a saddle with a high quality tree. The layout of the patterns is very important. We use a right and left hide that has been gauged for the same thickness. Each part of the saddle has a specific place on the hide it needs to be cut out of to ensure balance and consistency of the saddle. We use premium Herman Oak leather made in USA.