REI WEALTH MONTHLY issue39 - Page 74

7 BOOKKEEPING MISTAKES THAT REAL ESTATE BUSINESS OWNERS MAKE AND HOW TO AVOID THEM LEON MCKENZIE And while you have the option of hiring a bookkeeper to sort out your business finances, you still need to take  an active role in managing them. You could start by identifying the common mistakes small businesses make  and do everything you can to avoid or rectify them. So, what are these mistakes? And how should you go about addressing them?   1. Using a Personal Account for Business Transactions A  persona չ ͽ )Ʌͅѥ̻ Q ѡ չ ѡ ѿ ) ͽ ͕ ͅ٥̻ )͵ ͥ ݹ̳ ݡ Ց ѡ͗ ѡ ɕ )хє ѕ ѿ ͗ ͽ չ ͥ )Ʌͅѥ̸)Q ) ѥ ͡ձ Ս ѡ ! ɗ ) ѿ Ʌ ݡ ɽ ͥ ) ݥ ѿ ͕Ʌї ͽ ͥ Ʌͅѥ)5᥹ ѡ ѡ )ɕ ɽՉ M ѕȳ ѡ )%IO ɕեɗ ѿ չ ) ѿ ɕ хї )̳ͥ ݥ չ ѿ ) ѡ ɕեɕ O )ݥѡ ͽ ͥٗ չѥ ))% ɗ ɕѱ չ )ͥ ͽ ɽ ) չг ѿ )ͽѡ ѿ ѡл = ͥ չ х ͡ ѥ ݥ ٗͅ ɥ ѡ ) ѕɴ