REI WEALTH MONTHLY issue39 - Page 70

STEVE BIGHAUS: LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY TO IMPROVE INVESTOR LENDING  ANITA COOPER Steve Bighaus: Leveraging Technology to Improve Investor Lending By Anita Cooper I nvesting in property can  be frustrating, especially  when  you’re  searching  for  always  good  financing  options  that  suit  where you’re at as an investor. Having  someone  in  your  corner  to  provide  quality  information  and  advice  can  help  you  reach  your  goals  more  quickly  than  going  it  alone. As  founder  of Team  Bighaus,  Steve’s  clients  know  they  can  count  on  him  when  they  need  to  finance  a  new  opportunity...even when that opportunity is their own place of residence!