REI WEALTH MONTHLY issue39 - Page 28

HISTORY OF THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING: A FINANCIAL FLOP FOR NEARLY 20 YEARS  QUICKLIQUIDITY The  Empire  State  Building  was  completed  in  May  of  1931  and  became  the  world’s  tallest  building,  a  title  it  would  hold  for  nearly  40  years  until  the  World  Trade  Center  was  completed  in  1970.  While  successful  in  beating  the  Chrysler  Building  in  height,  the  Empire  State  Building  was  far  from  being  the  success  Raskob had hoped. The  Empire  State  Building  was  stymied  from  the  start  due  to  the  onset  of  the  G X]0\\[۰p]YX\[܋pܙX]0\\[۰Y0p[]Y0]\Xۛ^p]8&\ۙY\˰pX\]0\Y 0X\p[ٰpT[Y0Z[Y 0[0]0]ZY0[[\[0]0]0 Ip]0ݙ\ LZ[[۰[Y\X[[ܰܚ˰[ۛpYpYX\p]\Yp[Ypٰ[Y\X[[Z[Y\[[Y]Y0p K[pp[\\p]pZ[[]p][ܚ]pp[pٰYpX0]0\\][pYYY 0]0[۝X]Y0X[][&\Lp[ܙX\pٰ[[ܞpܰٙXpXp\[pܙX]0\\[۰ۙpYX\Y\]8&\[[0p[\\p]pZ[[Y0[\[pٰۛp Ip[0[XZ[Y0]0^pܰ[0ٰp 8&\0X\[]0pXۘ[Ypp8'[\p]pZ[[˸'p]0[Y\0ܚ\\p0\۰Y۰pY\ܜܙX]pp[\[۰]0^p\p\YY0˰[[[[ܰpZ[[\\\[^XY [Y][۰p؜X\ܙX]Y0ppܙX]0\\[ۋ0X[Y\\pܜ[Y0ppZ[[[]][pۙ\[ppXX[ܝ][۰X[p]K0X0\ܘ[0[[0\Z[[ 0[][ۋ0[0pܝ0]]ܚ]p\\Z[[ X\ٝ[0Z[[0X0\p\\Z[[0Y00]p\؛[xm p[\\p]pZ[[Y00XYpٚ]XpܰX\p 0YX\[[0Y\ܛ0\Rp[\[Y\Y0X[][[0XpX[Yp\xmK