REI WEALTH MONTHLY issue 40 - Page 6

Table of Contents Select a Title Below to View the Article 68 Cover Story How to Make $13,000 in One Week... Without Breaking a Sweat  “When  you  sign  up  with  iMarketsLive  you’ll  not  only  learn  how  to  trade  ­  a  skillset  that  will  remain  with  you  always  ­  but  you’ll  be  part  of  a  community  of  individuals  who  are  focused on building wealth for themselves...and others." 7 Welcome to Another Issue! Get Insight On Our Company from the Publisher By Linda Pliagas Why Hiring a Coach 9 37 Redevelopment Can Help You Build a Rock Solid Brand Fast By Sharon Vornholt Of Existing Sites and Buildings By Mark Elliot & David Kirk 15 48 The Platform that Will Propel Getting Started    With Your Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Investment Business By Ted Thomas Your Real Estate Investing Profits  By Tim Houghten 19 51 Adding Process Goals The Credit Crisis: 10 Years and Counting By Rick Tobin Learn to Exceed Customer Service Expectations By Linda Liberatore 26 54 Best Real Estate Leads BEST KEPT SECRETS   To Get More Motivated Sellers Contacting You By Kathy Kennebrook Growing Property Investments Own Your Kid's College Home 30 61 One Parent's Story: $4,000 for 3 Years of Housing  with Produce By Lara Hermanson Stop Negativity For Rehabbing Homes By Leon McKenzie By Kathy Fettke with Donna Behrens 34 66 What's in a Name? In Its Tracks! By Sam Sadat Learn From America's Most Respected Authority on Land Trusts By Randy Hughes