REI WEALTH MONTHLY issue 40 - Page 15

GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR TAX LIEN CERTIFICATE AND TAX DEED INVESTMENT BUSINESS  TED THOMAS Getting Started with Your Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed Investment Business By Ted Thomas I nvesting  in  tax  lien  certificates  and  tax  deeds  is  a  business  that  almost  anyone  can  start.  It  doesn't  require  any  more  than  motivation,  a  small  amount of money, and  knowledge  of  how  the  system  works.  While  I  can't help you with the  first  two  requirements,  my successful students  and  I  can  help  you  with the third one.  The Basics of Any Good Business As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. The more you know, the better your investments will be ­ whether  you  are  creating  wealth  through  the  stock  market,  by  opening  your  own  storefront,  or  by  purchasing  tax  lien  certificates and tax deeds.