REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 38 - Page 9

Table of Contents Select a Title Below to View the Article 39 Cover Story “Are Your Investments Earning You Enough Income to Enjoy the Life You Deserve?” ­ Laura  Alamery  “My    focus    at    this    point    was    just    to    give    training    to  people  about  buying  real  estate,  and  within  a  year  it  was successful." ­  Laura Alamery 10 THE ALL NEW BREIA / MD-REIA MENTORSHIP PROGRAM By Ryan Kuhlman Outdoor Features   15 46 Realty411, a magazine for investors That Help Sell Homes Founded in the Center of the Entertainment By Damien Justus Industry , to Host Multiple HGTV Stars at Upcoming Events  By Lori Peebles, REI Wealth Reporter REAL ESTATE INVESTORS,   20 50 Don’t Miss this Networking Expo If You Could Buy Single Family Homes with No Mortgage for Hosted by REAL TY411 & SBREIA!  20 Cents on the Dollar, How Many Would You Buy? By Lori Peebles, REI Wealth Reporter By Ted Thomas Social Media Marketing Statistics 24 55 Garage Sale and What They Mean For Real Estate Businesses By Leon McKenzie GIVING NON-PERFORMING 31 58 10 Things to Look for Note Investors the Edge By Tamiko Willie Fast ……Up to 100% Funding Real Estate By Jimmy V . Reed When Comparing Real Estate Syndications By Tom Wilson 36 62 Approaches For Your California House Deals By Joel Hoffman To Real Estate Negotiation By Bruce Kellogg