REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 38 - Page 24

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STATISTICS AND WHAT THEY MEAN FOR REAL ESTATE BUSINESSES LEON MCKENZIE Social Media Marketing Statistics and What They Mean For Real Estate Businesses By Leon McKenzie, CEO, US Probate Leads D id  you  know  that  there  are  a  total  of  2.789  billion  social  media  users  in  the  world?  Did  you  also  know that 81% of all Americans have a social media profile currently? Impressive, isn’t it? It  is  precisely  because  of  the  popularity  of  social  media  that  you  should  incorporate  this  platform  within  your  marketing campaign. If  you  don’t,  you  are  going  to  lose  a  lot  of  potential  customers  and  home  sellers  who  would  otherwise  have  helped boost your business.