REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 80

THE NEW AVENUE FOR FINANCING REAL ESTATE ASSETS – LEARN ABOUT ASSETAVENUE TIM HOUGHTEN Thomas further explains that rental loan approval is primarily driven by the property’s rental income, with minimal requirements regarding personal earnings. AssetAvenues’ unique features open up alternative capital and credit for entrepreneurs who are often rejected by traditional lenders. Is This The Path For You? Indicative transactions and references from others on the site reveal both real estate brokers and investors have found this channel extremely valuable, if not invaluable in saving deals that have run into challenges. In an industry with numerous financial resources running on impersonal automation, it’s evident that AssetAvenue truly listens and understands what it takes to set investors up for success. What’s going to be really exciting is seeing what loan program features this tech- savvy lender will roll out next. For more information or to get a quote online, please visit: DID YOU ENJOY THIS ARTICLE? FOR ADDITIONAL REAL ESTATE RESOURCES, VISIT THE SOURCE FOR ALL REAL ESTATE: REALTY411 Visit our online real estate world: Realty411 - Realty411 Magazine - Expos & Events - VIP Networking: REI Wealth Monthly: Real Estate Magazines: