REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 73

USING A PROBATE LEAD SERVICE CAN MAKE YOUR BUSINESS EFFICIENT AND PROFITABLE LEON MCKENZIE The Professional Probate Leads Process by US Probate Leads It might seem too good to be true to be able to have probate leads delivered into your inbox on a regular basis. With the US Probate Leads service, you can have just that. Said McKenzie, “We have relationships with banks and credit card Executor is struggling with grief, it may be companies that utilize our service. These contacts have easier to simply sell the family home to allowed us to establish a network of Data Researchers eliminate the painful memories. Also, if throughout the US. This network coupled with our proprietary the Executor lives out of state, they may data mining tools and processes allow us to access probate feel the need to sell as soon as possible. data at a cost which allows us to provide reasonably priced This is because they will be facing repairs information to you. Our network of Data Researchers located and maintenance of a home that they throughout the US provides the first wave of data access. We cannot easily supervise. Selling the home couple that with proprietary tools and processes which allow quickly is a way to eliminate that stressor. us to access the data you need.”3 Executors also may need cash in order to pay bills that have accumulated in the What this means is that every probate investor working with individual’s funeral the experts at US Probate Leads can have access to probate expenses, tax bills, medical charges or real estate records withou Ёѡͱͥѥѡɽ՝ѽ́()ɕЁɐ̸͕() ͕ѡ()ѡȁ̰́ͅ٥ѥи5-饔ݕ()եѡݥٔ͠Ѽٕ()Ѽͅ䰃q]ɽ٥хєɕѕɽѕ̸5()ѡ̸͔Qᕍѽȁ()ɽє́ͼՅɑ̰͕͡مѽ́͡()ͼٔݡ́ݥѼٔ()͕́хѼ̸QɔɕЁፕ()()Ս()()ѡɽ䁅䁹Ё݅ЁѼѡ)ͥѥ٥ѼɕЁЁи()ѡ͔ɕͽ́ɔݡЁ)ᕍѽȁѼٔեݡ)͕ɽєɽ丁%ԁٔ)́Ѽɽͥɽє)ѡԁхمх)ѼͥЁѡ٥ɽ)ѡȁ䁡Q́́х)ɕͽѼٔɽͥ)͕٥ѥ她ѥ́ȁɕ((