REI WEALTH MONTHLY Issue 31 - Page 72

USING A PROBATE LEAD SERVICE CAN MAKE YOUR BUSINESS EFFICIENT AND PROFITABLE LEON MCKENZIE Using US Probate Leads Gives You an Edge As an entrepreneur, how you spend your time directly influences the ability of your business to succeed. Going to the courthouse week after week can eat up a good deal of the time that you have available to actually work your business. While you are at the courthouse, you could be sending communications campaigns, meeting with potential sellers, networking with attorneys that specialize in estate law or speaking to business and community groups in the area, getting more exposure for your business. Having probate leads that are focused on areas and types of property that you are looking for gives you an edge in the real estate market. While other probate entrepreneurs might prefer to get their leads the “old fashioned way” by going to the courthouse, you can move right to contacting the Executor and Taking the time to dig through records simply might not be the best use of your time. This is the reason that many probate professionals choose to use a probate leads service. Said visiting the property. By the time a competing probate investor finds what they are looking for, you may have already made a deal! This is one of the most compelling reasons to use US Probate Leads. Leon McKenzie, the CEO of US Probate Leads, Why Do Executors Want to Sell? “Our researchers, numbering into the hundreds, are in county courthouses Once a probate has been filed with the courthouse, in order to across the country finding a never ending have the best opportunity to purchase it at a low cost, you’ll stream of probate real estate leads. This have to move quickly. Having access to a lead service can really puts us in the unique position of keep you abreast of the changes in your area and immediately being the only source of probate real shows you new filings. Finding out as soon as a filing has estate leads with such a broad reach into been made gives you a distinct advantage in providing you this niche market. US Probate Leads is time to drive by the property and also in contacting the seller. second to none when it comes to both the There are real reasons that you want to have access to this quality and the breadth of research that information so that you can make a deal. While leads are goes into providing you with prospects that generally good for up to eighteen months, there are many are both well vetted and favorably located Executors that move at a rapid pace once a loved one has for you.”2 passed away. They may do this for a variety of reasons. If the